Most Recent Modern Warfare 4 Art to Surface Is Fake, Here’s Why

Modern Warfare 4

The most recent Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 art to surface on the MW4 subreddit has caused speculation among fans. Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which debunks this rumor.

MW4 Reddit Post

This recent MW4 Reddit post, posted by ‘SwiftNL’, claims that this image was posted in an Instagram group which they were in, among other developers. The image is of a Call of Duty home screen with a green Modern Warfare line under the CoD writing. The exact Call of Duty title was scribbled out, however.

Fake Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 Art

In addition to our exclusive sources, there are many hints that give this away as being fake. Most notably, this was detailed as being posted in an Instagram post, however, the writing over the image, ‘Closed dev/alpha testing let’sss gooo’ is Snapchat text.

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Frost Character from MW3

Furthermore, there is a character at the top of this image and it appears to be Frost from Modern Warfare 3. While there’s every chance we’ll see characters from previous MW titles, why would they have Frost of all characters on the main menu screen?

Moreover, there’s also the fact that they blurred out the ‘MW4’ and the bit at the bottom in red which is a bit odd. Bear in mind that leaks like this are also very unlikely as well. The idea of a developer who has a copy of the game, sharing a home screen image in Instagram and Snapchat groups seems a bit far fetched.

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Finally, there’s every chance a developer wouldn’t even have a home screen menu like the one depicted above. Gaming INTEL is very confident that Infinity Ward’s next Call of Duty installment will be Modern Warfare 4, with a likely release date of November.

Call of Duty players can expect some official information released this month regarding Infinity Ward’s next release. While this MW4 rumor is fake, fans will be eagerly waiting to see what they can get their hands on towards the end of 2019.


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