RUMOR: Infinity Ward Planning to Include Modern Warfare Battle Royale in Call of Duty 2019

Modern Warfare 4 Battle Royale (Call of Duty 2019)

Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information via an anonymous tipster, in which suggests the next instalment within the Call of Duty franchise (leaked to be Modern Warfare 4) will include a Modern Warfare version of Battle Royale.

“Battle Royale is being talked about a lot for Call of Duty 2019, Modern Warfare style. I haven’t seen anything tangible yet but there’s a lot of talking and planning surrounding it. A lot of the specifics are up in the air at the moment, Activision and Infinity Ward are watching Blackout closely and i’m sure they will learn a lot from it. IW will be well placed to perfect Battle Royale in 2019 and they know the Modern Warfare theme will go down very well. I can’t say much more right now.”

Whether this is accurate or not is so far unknown. Contrary to the tip, one of our closest sources has refuted this claim and said “MW4 is a standard CoD title. Zombies. Campaign. Multiplayer. MW4 was always the fallback plan if BO4 went belly up.”

Call of Duty 2019 Battle Royale

Infinity Ward, a game developer studio mostly known for their iconic and infamous Modern Warfare titles, are due to develop Call of Duty 2019. Although, we are yet to receive any official confirmation.

Our previous leaks indicate that Modern Warfare 4 will release in 2019 as a “fully fledged” title. In addition, we mentioned that the upcoming instalment will include a “campaign that is already being worked on, the customary Multiplayer experience and the return of Zombies mode.”

Call of Duty MW4 Battle Royale

It appears CoD 2019 could have it all, quite literally – an experience we’ve been eager for the past few years. Back in May of 2018, we said that Modern Warfare 4 Battle Royale was “merely discussions”. However, since then, new information has arisen suggesting the possibility is even more on the cards.

In addition, from a marketing perspective this decision would make sense. One of the most popular and successful Call of Duty series ever, Modern Warfare, being united with the arguably the hottest video game genre in the entire world right now, Battle Royale.

Battle Royale games took the gaming community by storm in 2017. After witnessing the astonishing success from games such as PUBG and Fortnite, Treyarch decided to infiltrate the video game genre into their own game. On May 17th, 2018, David Vonderhaar announced Battle Royale done the Black Ops way – Blackout. With a perfect mix of both CoD game mechanics, which most fans love, and the core concept of Battle Royale, Blackout is so far proving to be incredible.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale

It was only recently Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) was brought to Xbox One as a backwards compatible game from Xbox 360. This was held back for a long while, could this be a shrewd business move or a mere coincidence? Perhaps Activision are keen to re-familiarise current-gen gamers with the old classics that went down so well, such as MW2. With this in mind it would make a lot of sense to lead back into the Modern Warfare series in Call of Duty 2019.

With the launch of Black Ops 4 still yet to be upon us, it’s fair to say that it’s early days and to treat this tip with caution. There’s a significant amount of contradiction going on with sources close to Activision, but rest assured we will be cross referencing this leak with our other multiple sources. Either way, it’s an interesting thought for 2019.

Featured image is a mockup using an MW Remastered screenshot.


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