Report: Robert Bowling teases ‘Modern Warfare’ for CoD 2019

Report- Robert Bowling teases 'Modern Warfare' for CoD 2019
Featured image is from Modern Warfare 3

It appears as though eager CoD fans will have confirmation on the next Call of Duty title very soon. Ex Infinity Ward developer, Robert Bowling has just teased Infinity Ward’s next release as a return to ‘Modern Warfare’, most likely MW4.


Although only ‘Modern Warfare’ was teased, it seems as though MW4 is almost guaranteed to be releasing early November. Gaming INTEL first leaked the next Call of Duty as being ‘Modern Warfare 4’ back in May 2018. Our exclusive sources and other reports all seem to point towards this as being the next Call of Duty title.

‘Modern Warfare’ Teased

Bowling teased ‘Modern Warfare’ in a Twitter exchange yesterday, April 24. A fan messaged Bowling saying “I’ll shit myself if it’s modern warfare” and Bowling interestingly replied saying “You better buy some brown pants.”

This is around the time that eager fans were expecting to see teasers and we could see a few more. An official announcement is expected soon, however, as previous announcements have come around this long before a predicted early November release.

There has also been a recent private event involving NFL players trying out the new Call of Duty. This seems to happen every year and some eagle eyed fans think they have found some leaked details from the event. Most notably, people may have heard the terms ‘Modern Warfare 4’ and ‘killstreaks’.

Fans are also reporting reflections from the players’ monitors and look like they may give away MW4 as the next instalment within the franchise.

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CoD 2019 Reveal

Around now/early May is when rumors are expected, although fans can expect some official details released by Infinity Ward very soon. Gaming INTEL has predicted an MW4 release date as November the 1st or the 8th judging by previous Call of Duty title release dates.

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