Sources: Call of Duty ‘Modern Warfare’ Reveal Coming Thursday, May 30th

CoD Modern Warfare Reveal

Gaming INTEL has received information which suggests the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal will be coming on Thursday, May 30th.

This information has come from the same anonymous source (code named NoRussian657) who exclusively leaked to Gaming INTEL that Call of Duty 2019 is NOT called MW4, instead mentioned it would be titled ‘Modern Warfare’. This source also told us the campaign will have modern day terrorism.

PREVIOUS REPORT: Call of Duty 2019 is NOT called MW4, Campaign will have modern day terrorism.

Modern Warfare Reveal Coming May 30th, 2019

May 30th has been a highly speculative date for the upcoming game’s reveal as of late. Our exclusive source has mentioned to us that the upcoming addition within the Call of Duty franchise will indeed be revealed on Thursday, May 30th. This has also been cross-checked between others within the Gaming INTEL team.

While previous leaks have indicated at a reveal in May, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Also, Thursday has been the day of many COD reveals in the past.

Modern Warfare Reveal

This has also been deemed reliable via several others within the community. Further, Syndicate, a well-known Youtuber, also noted that he cannot express additonal details as to why he headed out to LA until May 30th.

NEW REPORT: Call of Duty ‘Modern Warfare’ is the CoD 2019 title

A new Modern Warfare game for 2019 has been one of the worst kept secrets in the industry. First, Gaming INTEL leaked a new Modern Warfare game back in May 2018, in additon to other news outlets following suit after. If rumors and leaks are to be believed, then it appears as though fans will be in for an absolute treat post Q4 2019.

Within our recent report of Modern Warfare 4 not being the title, which has now been considered reliable from several other similar industry insiders, we also mentioned that we were promised additional details regarding Call of Duty 2019. We will be in contact with the source to find out more regarding the upcoming instalment.



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