Rumor: Modern Warfare Will NOT Have PlayStation Exclusivity Rights

Modern Warfare Exclusivity

UPDATE 30th May 2019, 19:01 GMT: It appears the source HighRise50Cal has not accurately relayed this information. Whilst there is no Season Pass anymore, it appears Playstation users will be able to play post launch content 7 days before players on other platforms. A recent trailer released shows “Play New Content First on PS4”.

Gaming INTEL has received information courtesy of a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous. The source, code-named ‘Highrise50cal’, has mentioned that PlayStation will no longer have exclusivity rights for the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare title.

Recent reports of the Modern Warfare key art – which confirmed the game would release in October 2019 – have happily tied in with what this source has told us in the past.

This information has also been cross-checked from the same source who told us the Modern Warfare reveal will take place on May 30th and the Campaign would be similar to the infamous ‘No Russian’ mission from MW2. This tipster, code-named ‘NoRussian657’, mentioned: “I don’t think PS will have exclusivity, a lot is changing this year.”

PS4 exclusivity has been a major purchase incentive for PlayStation players over the past few years. Although fans could still get their hands on post-launch content 30 days later on other platforms, PS4 timed exclusivity was just enough to attract many die-hard fans to the console.

NEW INTEL: Call of Duty Modern Warfare release date and key art leaked.

The type of exclusivity can often vary, albeit it usually consists of post-launch content arriving 30 days prior to other platforms.

It’s unclear as to whether Xbox or PC players will now receive exclusivity rights for Modern Warfare. It’s fair to say Microsoft would have to pay a pretty hefty price for some type of exclusivity, however – especially for an AAA title on the same scale as Call of Duty.

Either way, Xbox and PC players will certainly acclaim the prospect of being able to play DLC content at least at the same time as PS4 users.

It appears as though Sony and Microsoft have discretely teased no more exclusivity for PS4 players as well.

Xbox Modern Warfare

Microsoft decided to retweet Call of Duty’s tweet on the official Xbox twitter, while PlayStation has included a tab for the game on their store website. We urge players to take this rumor with a pinch of salt until an official announcement is made.


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