RUMOR: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Logo Leaked

Modern Warfare Logo Leaked

UPDATE – May 29th, 2019 at 5:30pm BST: This logo has been deemed accurate via many industry insiders. The apparent Modern Warfare logo leak now appears to be legitimate.

UPDATE – May 29th, 2019 at 4:20pm BST: The logo appears to feature inconsistent spacing, albeit this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake.

A new rumor has surfaced online which allegedly showcases the Call of Duty Modern Warfare logo.

The rumor was posted to Reddit, courtesy of user ‘babis95‘, who claims their “company prints clothing labels and tags from all sorts of licences.” The user also goes onto mention that they “got this artwork a few days ago to mockup for print.”

It’s unclear at this moment in time as to whether the Modern Warfare logo is legitimate or not. While it appears to be an intricate design, others within the community claim to have found fault with the apparent Call of Duty Modern Warfare logo. That said, they most likely implemented some of these things deliberately.

Many have deemed the licensing information on the right-hand side as an apparel store, which would suggest it will be only used in store.

Further, the user himself even mentions that you will probably only see it on clothing tags. This is not the first time companies use an alternative merchandise logo to their actual logo for the game.

NEW INTEL: Modern Warfare reveal will be taking place on Thursday, May 30th.

Unlike usual fakes, this logo appears to go into detail. You’ll notice additional work on the left-hand side of the Activision part and further designs with a lower opacity in the background, for example.

RUMOR- Call of Duty Modern Warfare Logo Leaked

Of course, this could very easily have been faked, despite it having fairly intricate connotations. We advise fans to remain sceptical until confirmation arises from Infinity Ward or Activision.

Gaming INTEL sources are yet to provide comment on the matter. However, if we hear anything we’ll update this article with additional details. Stay tuned.

Either way, sources have told Gaming INTEL that the Modern Warfare reveal will be taking place on Thursday, May 30th, so we’ll find out more then.


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