RUMOR: Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA Coming in August 2019

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta

An anonymous tipster, who goes by the codename ‘Ambush19’, has provided Gaming INTEL with information in regards to when we’ll be able to get our hands on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA.

Modern Warfare BETA Date

According to our source, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA has been touted to launch in August 2019. While the reveal is only just upon us, Activision’s plans could be subject to change. Either way, this is what our source has heard so far.

The tipster in question has told us to ‘expect the Modern Warfare BETA to release around the middle of August.’ However, they were only entirely confident on a launch sometime this August, or at least that’s what Activision has planned for now.

The BETA supposedly releasing in August seems to tie in nicely with tradition. In previous years, the majority of BETAs have consisted of two weekends – one for PS4 players only, while the other open to both Xbox One and PS4, with PC releasing their own BETA at a later date.

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For Black Ops 4, the Multiplayer BETA took place in late August, while the Blackout one arrived in early September. A similar occurrence happened with WWII, where players were able to play weekend 1 also towards the end of August.

Modern Warfare BETA

It’s unclear as to whether the BETA will be private or open. While pre-orders are now live, free access to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA appears to not have been featured within any edition. Then again, Activision does usually announce BETA details sometime after the reveal.

Will PS4 players get the Modern Warfare BETA early?

While PlayStation has renewed their contract with Activision (or at least it seems as though) for Modern Warfare exclusivity rights, there’s a good chance PS4 players will get the BETA a few days prior to Xbox One and PC. That said, Activision hasn’t officially confirmed themselves that Sony has exclusivity rights – but at this point, it does still seem to be the case.

For those wondering, BETAs can be useful for both the developers and players in a host of different ways. Of course, as a fan, everyone likes to test out a game prior to its release.

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An early build of the game can make developers realize what aspects need improving for the main version, courtesy of your feedback. Additionally, it can also provide excitement and ultimately acquire more pre-order sales as a result, from a marketing perspective.

Infinity Ward is scheduled to host their own panel at E3 this year. Although the campaign is expected to be the predominant focus during the panel, it’s still possible we’ll hear more information about the Modern Warfare BETA then.


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