RUMOR: CWL to be played on PC, starting with Modern Warfare – not PS4 or Xbox One

Modern Warfare CWL PC Controllers Leak

A rumor has been circulating which could be of particular interest to Call of Duty World League players. According to an anonymous source codenamed ‘Ambush19’, starting with Modern Warfare, CWL will no longer be played on Xbox One or PS4.

Call of Duty World League to be played on PC

The tipster states that ‘it’s a big change’ this year in the Call of Duty eSports scene. Call of Duty World League players will be playing on PC with a controller, not a mouse.

According to the source, this allows tournaments to utilize the state-of-the-art hardware available with custom built PCs and provide a greater viewing experience for fans. While this isn’t officially confirmed, it certainly supports other details we’ve heard.

While we are not disputing the fact Sony has created some pretty unimaginable technology with the PS4 Pro, alongside Microsoft with the Xbox One X, it’s fair to say nothing really compares to an extremely high-end PC – especially if you’re obsessed by providing yourself with a cutting-edge chance, even marginally.

Modern Warfare

This sort of change has already been witnessed in both the NBA 2k league and Rocket League. Whilst the game very much remains the same, with potentially the same controller it does allow for benefits such as higher frame rates.

Activision reportedly still expects future Call of Duty titles to succeed on consoles, with this being a change they’ve have not taken lightly.

Players will still use Controllers, reportedly

Unlike eSports with some other games, CWL events have traditionally been played on a console, the PlayStation 4 specifically. While switching platforms for the upcoming Call of Duty World League season is a drastic change in itself (if it does happen), they’ll likely also be keeping some stuff the same.

For example, even though PCs typically use a mouse and keyboard, it appears as though Activision will keep controllers as per tradition. They most likely have made this the case in a bid to allow pro players to stick to what they’re used to.

Let’s be honest, it’d be pretty unfair for someone who’s been playing console all their life to fully acclimatise to a mouse and keyboard in the space of a few months.


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