RUMOR: Call of Duty: ‘Modern Warfare’ is the CoD 2019 title

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Teaser

An interesting rumor regarding the Call of Duty 2019 title has been discussed with us via a tipster who wishes to remain anonymous. With many reports and rumors that MW4 is coming in 2019, according to this rumor, it appears to be only partially true.

Although a Modern Warfare CoD game is coming, it might not be how we expected and previously heard.

CoD 2019 is ‘Modern Warfare’

The tipster states that an insider has provided them with confirmation that CoD 2019 is ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’. This is the same tipster codenamed ‘NoRussian657’ who provided GamingINTEL with information suggesting the next title isn’t MW4 and the campaign is similar to No Russian.

Many of you may be quick to point out that we have already had a CoD with a similar title ‘Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’ but this would be different and not include the 4, before or after MW.

According to our source, this image tweeted by Robert Bowling is not a coincidence, or a mistake. It is a hint with the next Call of Duty title hidden in plain sight. Although once again, this contradicts what we’ve previously heard, it does make sense.

Robert Bowling has been very open with his hints about MW4 in the past, more open than you would expect from someone who understands marketing. Previous tweet replies about MW4 were too easy and the hints were far too strong, it would make sense that they have something up their sleeve we weren’t expecting.

Further to this, others in the community have also been hearing similar rumors:

We have not been able to verify this information and have to remain skeptical, however this same source a long time ago had provided legitimate information on Call of Duty leaks and also has promised there’s more to come. We will not have to wait long to find out, if it’s confirmed then we will be pushing to release more information as soon as we receive it.


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