Report: Modern Warfare’s Co-Op Mode is Basically Spec Ops, Updated Monthly With New Missions & Challenges

Modern Warfare's Co-Op Mode is Basically Spec Ops, Updated Monthly With New Missions & Challenges

It appears as though the first details of Call of Duty Modern Warfare’s Co-Op have finally emerged. According to a new report at least, anyway.

Confirmed Co-Op Mode Details

Activision first confirmed a new co-op mode for the upcoming iteration of the franchise during an investor call earlier this year, in addition to a campaign for the game – which was surprisingly absent in the latest Call of Duty release to date.

Courtesy of the official Battle.Net website, here’s what we know so far regarding the Call of Duty Modern Warfare co-op mode. The site states:

Squad-up and play cooperatively in a collection of elite operations accessible to all skill levels.

This seemingly confirms that the upcoming co-op mode will be somewhat reminiscent of spec-ops, which was featured within both MW2 and MW3.

For those who never played the beloved mode, it was an aspect of some previous games within the series which featured a host of different fast-paced missions in light of the “Mile High Club” from Call of Duty 4.

Reported Modern Warfare Co-Op Information

Now, we may have an even better estimation of what to expect come October 25, courtesy of a new report.

Modern Warfare

The report claims Modern Warfare’s co-op mode is effectively an extensive version of Spec Ops. Infinity Ward has allegedly planned to update it monthly with new missions, and weekly with new challenges.

Further to this, the missions of the mode are apparently heavily based around teamwork, however, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Each mission can also be completed solo.

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Additionally, it will also take place in the campaign universe. Activision has reportedly made co-op this way in a bid to provide players with a better picture of the what the campaign has on offer.

The final aspect of the report, from Matt Harris, mentions that in Multiplayer you’ll be able to play as Makarov and the task force 141 members at some point, albeit most likely only through microtransactions.

We advise fans to remain somewhat sceptical. It’s important players do not get their hopes up too high prior to the game’s launch. Either way, Activision will most likely provide comment on the matter soon enough.

Infinity Ward will be attending E3 2019 on June 11th, so we’ll most likely here the first major official details of Co-Op arrive then.


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