Report: Free Modern Warfare Spec-Ops, No Battle Royale, and Campaign DLC

New Modern Warfare Free To Play PvP Spec-Ops Details Uncovered, No Battle Royale and Campaign DLC

A new report by YouTuber TheGamingRevolution has surfaced, supporting previous reports about Spec-Ops returning for free in Call of Duty Modern Warfare while unveiling even more information about the upcoming game.

Reported Free Modern Warfare Co-Op

In a tweet today the YouTuber unveiled everything he supposedly knows about the upcoming Call of Duty title, ranging from a Free Modern Warfare Co-Op to multiplayer and upcoming post-launch campaign content.

In support of a previous report, the YouTuber claims that his sources have told him Co-Op is a much-improved version of Spec Ops.

The mode is supposedly similar to the game Payday, where you choose a mission and then you queue up into online matchmaking to complete the mission.

The mode is also said to be very replayable, with some missions featuring Player Vs. Player combat while others feature Player Vs. AI combat. The missions in question will be a mixture of unique settings with others being based around campaign levels.

Characters in the mode are supposedly inspired by the idea of Operators from Rainbow 6 Siege, and in the Co-Op mode will have their own unique abilities. These abilities, however, will not carry over to the standard Multiplayer experience.

Activision is supposedly so confident in this mode that they are even looking to build the PvP missions into some sort of feature in the upcoming CoD World League.

The publisher has also, according to this report, been considering making this Co-Op portion of the game completely free to play. It would act as an incentive for people to buy the full game, allowing players to get a taste of the new engine to build up some intrigue.

The mode would also contain a story if this report is to be believed, one that would follow on directly from Modern Warfare’s campaign and feature returning characters.

Some Brief Multiplayer Information

Throughout his report, TheGamingRevolution also alludes to small pieces of Multiplayer information he has received.

For a start, the game will feature the return of Ground War, which will allow players to engage in 10v10 combat in the standard multiplayer mode.

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We will supposedly also see a large amount of past Modern Warfare maps that will be added to the game, and apparently, every single Modern Warfare 2 map is currently planned to be added to the game at some point.

He also states that the micro transaction system in the game will pull heavily from Call of Duty Mobile. CoD Mobile features a Battle Pass system that has both a free pass and a paid pass. The paid pass allows you to unlock many more items, including CoD points.

There is also confirmation that there is not a battle royale mode within the report, and that Activision has so far declined to comment on the matter to keep the speculation on the mode alive for a short while.

Modern Warfare Campaign Content

The last thing he went into detail about is post-launch content for the campaign portion of the game. Supposedly Activision are planning on releasing this campaign DLC as it is something they have never done before and they want to see how it performs.

The campaigns of the original Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare 3 have apparently all been ported through to the new Modern Warfare engine, but only Modern Warfare 2’s campaign is currently ready to be released.

While a Modern Warfare remaster has been released before, alongside 2016’s Infinite Warfare, it seems that the upgrades to the Call of Duty are substantial enough to warrant yet another release.

The Modern Warfare 2 campaign is also supposedly already ready to be released, and may release alongside Modern Warfare in October, though Activision still aren’t sure how they should handle these DLC campaign releases.

As always we should remain sceptical regarding unconfirmed information, though this is the second report talking about an improved Spec Ops mode taking place in the Modern Warfare universe in as many weeks.

Infinity Ward will be hosting a panel at E3 2019 on June 11th, so it may not be long before we hear official information on the supposed free Modern Warfare Co-Op experience.


  1. So how will we get this mode from modern warfare for free? Will it be something we look for in the PlayStation store?


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