Opinion: Infinity Ward Should Include a Mini-Map Within Modern Warfare


Call of Duty Modern Warfare has generally been acclaimed from the community thus far with many already securing their pre-orders, although Infinity Ward has received some backlash with one decision.

Fans have been debating whether or not Infinity Ward should include a mini-map within Modern Warfare for a while now, despite confirmation only recently surfacing that it won’t be always enabled in the game.

Although the mini-map isn’t featured within the standard modes, there are still ways players can use it – but they may have to work for it. To begin with, they can obtain it via killstreaks. Within the upcoming iteration of the franchise, there are three killstreaks where players will be granted with the mini-map. You can get the Personal Radar at 3 Kills or the traditional UAV at 4 kills, whereas at 12 kills players will acquire a significantly more detailed mini-map courtesy of the Advanced UAV. It’s important to note that players must have these killstreaks equipped in order to obtain them.

In addition to killstreaks, you can also press start which will showcase the map on the menu screen or you can test out other modes which do feature the mini-map. So despite Infinity Ward mostly leaving the traditional aspect behind, it’s not completely gone.

While Modern Warfare is a reboot rather than a remaster, it’s okay for Infinity Ward to change things up a little. However, Gaming INTEL would still like Infinity Ward to re-consider including the mini-map within standard modes.

Although players will gradually get used to it after several matches, with no mini-map users are more inclined to camp which inevitably slows down the pace of the game. Additionally, those not as well accustomed to the maps are required to learn them more – with little indication of where the action is taking place. Admittedly, Infinity Ward has included a long compass feature at the top of players’ screens as an alternative – but it’s fair to say this doesn’t showcase as much detail as a mini-map.

On the other hand, the exception of a mini-map within Call of Duty Modern Warfare provides a more realistic approach to the game. Players are more inclined to rely on audio as well as keeping their eyes peeled to know where the bullets are coming from. Most players haven’t really noticed mini-map being gone, says Infinity Ward.

Nonetheless, we still believe it’s important for Infinity Ward to follow suit from previous games within the series and include the fundamental feature. Although the build of the game showcased recently is relatively new, there’s always room for improvement prior to the launch of the highly anticipated title.

What are your thoughts on Infinity Ward’s decision? Would you like to see a Modern Warfare mini-map in traditional modes? Let us know in the comments below.


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