New Modern Warfare ‘Gun Runner’ Multiplayer Map Confirmed via Teaser

Modern Warfare Gun Runner Map

Infinity Ward has released a new Modern Warfare teaser prior to the full Multiplayer reveal on August 1st. In addition, Activision has also provided some context with new details on the official blog.

In a recent tweet, they have showcased a first look at how players will begin matches in the upcoming title. Initially, many fans thought this was a teaser for the opening to a Campaign mission. Infinity Ward has confirmed that this is related to Multiplayer, however.

Modern Warfare Teaser Video:

The Modern Warfare teaser starts off to reveal the location and prior information as you slowly descend to ground courtesy of the helicopter. The video also showcases a new look at one of the maps in the game, if you take a look at the surroundings.

It’s worth taking note that the helicopter isn’t the only entrance players will use either.

Activision has officially confirmed that the tactical infil demonstrated in the teaser usually occur between the time it takes for you to choose your Multiplayer Loadout and the start of a match.

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Tactical Infiltration – Activision Blog

Activision has also provided more information on the matter via a new post.

As you prepare to dive into battle, it’s Day 215. The location is 9KM outside of Verdansk, Russia. It’s ‘Operation Gun Runner’ and you’re using the helicopter as part of Warcom’s 23rd Battalion.

While you’re next to a fellow member of the Warcom forces on the edge of the chopper, you’re listening to the radio chatter. The member beside you is Operator ‘D-Day’, who’s also wielding an assault rifle. You’ve decided to choose the M4A1, attached with a Long Barrel and Hybrid Scope in a bid to increase accuracy. As the chopper hits the ground, you begin to attack the Allegiance forces.

Modern Warfare ‘Gun Runner’ Map

The Multiplayer map is currently called ‘Gun Runner’, which can be seen in the surrounding area. This is now the fourth map to be officially confirmed. The others were revealed during the Gunfight gameplay – King, Pine and Stack.

This isn’t the first teaser released in recent weeks. Infinity Ward has also recently provided a first look at the weapon bench, in addition to 4K gameplay footage of Gunfight. While this appears to be quite a reoccuring theme as of recently, we’ll potentially see another teaser arrive in the next few days.

The full Modern Warfare Multiplayer reveal is touted to arrive on August 1st, 2019. A much more in-depth and sophisticated look will be shown then.

SOURCE: Activision


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