Call of Duty Modern Warfare Release Date & Key Art Leaked

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Art

In addition to a sneak peek of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal trailer which surfaced earlier today, the upcoming title’s key art and release date appears to have also been discovered.

Modern Warfare Key Art Leaked

A host of fans have reported sightings of Modern Warfare key art on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel. Activision has now removed the premiere from YouTube, but it was discoverable via the preview of the video.

As of the time writing this, it’s unclear as to when Activision will re-upload the video. We can be certain it will be some time prior to the reveal, however.

Here’s the key art, courtesy of the official Youtube channel (it’s low resolution).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Logo

This appears to provide previous leaks of the suppose Modern Warfare logo with legitimacy.

Modern Warfare October Launch

The Modern Warfare key art appears to confirm that the game will release in October 2019, which was previously reported by Gaming INTEL sources.

While the art clearly details the game will be launching in October, many also believe they can just about see the 18th featured.

Previously, many fans have remained resistant to the prospect of Modern Warfare releasing in October, instead of November.

Call of Duty games have usually arrived in November. However, there have been a fair few which have launched in October instead. Black Ops 4, for example. Many claimed Black Ops 4 wasn’t ready for release and argued it to be pushed back further, which is most likely the reason as to why many are sceptical of an October release this year.

Titles within the franchise usually, if not always, launch on a Friday. The same applies to other triple AAA games. October 18th doesn’t appear out of the ordinary, while the day of release, in particular, follows previous patterns.

PlayStation Store Receives ‘Call of Duty’ Tab

In other news, the PlayStation Store recently received a minor visual update with Call of Duty featured as a whole new tab.

Xbox Retweet Call of Duty Tweet

In addition to PlayStation updating their store, the official Xbox Twitter account has also retweeted the news.

The CoD 2019 reveal is scheduled to take place on May 30th, 2019. It is expected to showcase new gameplay alongside a new 1 minute 53 trailer.


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