Modern Warfare Multiplayer won’t feature a mini-map, but there’s presumably an alternative

Modern Warfare Mini-Map

Infinity Ward recently showcased gameplay of Gunfight mode, which surprisingly didn’t feature a mini-map. It appears as though a Call of Duty Modern Warfare mini-map won’t be featured in other Multiplayer modes either if a recent video is anything to go by.

Infinity Ward Will Leave Behind Modern Warfare Mini-Maps

Although the mini-map made no appearance in Gunfight, tradition would suggest that it would still be featured in other Modern Warfare MP modes. This presumably isn’t the case, however. In a recent video titled ‘Going Deep in Modern Warfare’, popular YouTubers TmarTn, Chaos, and Drift0r answered players’ frequently asked questions.

One of the most interesting questions to surface was whether or not Modern Warfare will include the traditional Multiplayer mini-map. The YouTubers have confirmed it won’t be featured. While Infinity Ward is taking the realistic approach it makes sense in some respects, but there have been concerns as to whether or not it would slow down the pace of the game.

(This can be found at time stamp 13:30 for mobile users)

The prospect of a removed mini-map hasn’t gone down too well within the community, with many remaining resistant to the idea. In fact, TmarTn’s comment of “nobody asked for that” pretty much sums up most fans’ thoughts.

NEW INTEL: Infinity Ward might have teased what’s included within the Modern Warfare Dark Edition.

The YouTubers didn’t write off the possibility of a somewhat similar navigation system, however. The new information posted by the three corroborates recent rumors, which also claimed there would be an alternative. Previous rumors have suggested there is no mini-map unless you get a UAV. Additionally, there is supposedly also a long compass as an alternative at the top of the screen that shows the direction of bullets.

In addition to new information of mini-maps within Modern Warfare, Drift0r also confirmed that health regeneration within the upcoming reboot will be automatic – rather than manual as seen in Black Ops 4. While previous games in the Modern Warfare series have featured automatic regen, it’s fair to say that this doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


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