Small Glimpse of Modern Warfare Multiplayer Gameplay Surfaces from Reveal Event

Modern Warfare Reveal Event Multiplayer Gameplay

In addition to providing a glimpse of what to expect on August 1st, Infinity Ward is also allowing select individuals to get hands-on with Modern Warfare. Courtesy of the Modern Warfare reveal event, a few seconds of Multiplayer gameplay has surfaced online – and it brings to light some new aspects.

It’s important to take note that this is currently an early build of the game, while some aspects can be subject to change prior to launch.

Here’s a Few Seconds of Modern Warfare Gameplay

Didn’t attend the Call of Duty Modern Warfare reveal event? We’re sure you’ll be eagerly waiting to find out more. Thankfully, a new video has surfaced on Reddit from u/vercts, showcasing a small glimpse of the event, although recording and photos were not permitted in some circumstances.

Attendees were allowed to record gameplay, however, with an embargo scheduled on August 1st.

NEW INTEL: Modern Warfare Multiplayer won’t feature a mini-map, but there’s an alternative.

New Respawn Animation

The small glimpse of gameplay showcases an array of different aspects regarding the upcoming reboot. Most notably, Infinity Ward has introduced a new respawn animation that provides players with a short birds-eye view of the map before deploying back into the game. This feature, in particular, resembles other first-person shooters such as Battlefield.

Keyboard/Mouse & Controller Detection

Further to this, players can now detect whether or not their teammates and enemies are using a keyboard and mouse or controller, courtesy of the symbol on the right-hand side of the player names.

Compass Instead of Mini-Map

Throughout the past weeks, the exception of a mini-map in Gunfight has prompted speculation within the Call of Duty community. The event has confirmed that Modern Warfare Multiplayer won’t feature the traditional mini-map, and instead includes an alternative navigation system known as a compass at the top of the screen.

Lobby Screen Menu Altered

Alongside this, Infinity Ward has also stuck by their word by slightly altering the position of lobby names on the menu. Now, the character on the middle of the menu is no longer blocked off by players’ names.

Modern Warfare Lobby Screen

The full Modern Warfare Multiplayer reveal is set to take place on August 1st at 10am PT. In addition to the release of a Multiplayer trailer, Infinity Ward is also going to discuss some of the finer aspects on livestream.


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