Modern Warfare Multiplayer & CWL Modes List Reportedly Leaked

Modern Warfare Mutliplayer Modes

A new rumor has surfaced online, which supposedly details the Call of Duty Modern Warfare modes for Multiplayer and Call of Duty World League. The upcoming iteration of the franchise will feature MP modes from previous titles, in addition to a host of new ones.

According to The Gaming Revolution, there are currently over 20 modes planned for the game. Many of which are just concepts and haven’t been finalised, however. We expect to see many of these introduced in regular updates post-launch.

Prior to proceeding any further, we stress that this is not the complete or official list. Some modes are yet to be publicly revealed, while others can be subject to change.

Modern Warfare Modes for MP

  • Team Deathmatch
  • Free-for-All
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Hardpoint
  • Search and Destroy
  • Cyberattack
  • Headquarters
  • Ground War
  • Domination
  • Infection
  • War (This will be similar to the War mode in CoD WW2. The YouTuber has emphasised that this one in particular may be held back as post-launch content, however.)

Although the vast majority of these have appeared in the previous Call of Duty games, there are some relatively new ones which players won’t be as familiar with. In order to get a better understanding, we’ve detailed information about those modes below.

There is also going to be a Large Maps Playlist. This will only consist of large maps, obviously – hence the reason for its name. We can expect to see destructible environments and aspects which we don’t usually see in Call of Duty, such as Tanks.

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Cyberattack Mode

This is a new game mode, where each team has a supercomputer on their side of the map. The goal is to destroy the opponents’ supercomputer via an EMP bomb. Once the bomb has been planted, the defending team will have roughly 10 – 20 seconds to defuse it.

Unlike S&D, the round/game doesn’t end once the bomb is defused. Instead, the team must now try to plant it on the enemies’ computer. In order to win the point, you must eliminate all enemies on the opposition or blow up the enemies’ computer.

Infection Mode

This is basically a reversed version of the fan favourite mode Capture the Flag. You’ll bring your flag to the enemies’ base, instead of capturing theirs and transporting it to yours.

Call of Duty World League – CWL Modes

The YouTuber claims the CWL modes list has also been leaked. This may just be for testing, however. Nevertheless, we’ve listed the rumored Call of Duty World League modes below.

  • Hardpoint
  • Search and Destory
  • Infection
  • Capture The Flag
  • Domination

Party Game Modes

These are going to be limited time game mode following the launch of Modern Warfare, claims The Gaming Revolution.

  • Infected
  • Gun Game
  • Musical Chairs (Multiplayer mode featuring multiple teams where the objective is to find a flag around the map before the timer has finished. If you don’t manage to find a flag within the given time, you’re out.)


Infinity Ward recently showcased Gunfight in a livestream consisting of four streamers. This mode appears to embark on a different approach from what hardcore fans are used. Many players have noticed that this mode appears to resemble titles such as Warface, instead of iconic traditional Call of Duty Multiplayer.


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