Call of Duty Modern Warfare Maps So Far – Rumored & Confirmed

Modern Warfare Maps

Infinity Ward has recently revealed 4K footage of the all-new upcoming 2v2 Gunfight mode, and it looks fantastic. As we approach the full Multiplayer reveal on August 1st, let’s take a look at both the rumored and confirmed Modern Warfare maps so far.

Maps in Call of Duty usually play a fundamental role in determining the success of the game. Unlike recent years, it seems as if Modern Warfare will provide a variety of maps for players to choose from.

Confirmed Gunfight Modern Warfare Maps

Courtesy of the first look at Multiplayer gameplay, we are now aware of three maps which will definitely make an appearance in the upcoming title. It’s likely that these will be only available to play in Gunfight, while they are quite small in size.

Preview videos of each Modern Warfare map can be found below.


Set in a warehouse, King appears to resemble an indoors soldier training facility and the Killhouse map from Call of Duty 4.


In addition to a host of trees scattered around, Pine also features shipping crates and other man-made objects in its center. The thick forest really does provide plenty of room for hiding.


Last but not least. Similar to King, Stack is an area for soldiers to train, but outdoors. With a few stacks of tires and shipping containers every here and there, Stack also emboldens the prospect of areas which players can gain an advantage on. From minute buildings peering over the entire map to other platforms in the middle, there’s plenty of room to experience all-out war.

Infinity Ward’s Taylor Kurosaki has confirmed that Modern Warfare won’t just feature three lane maps. Instead, there are an abundance of different styles to choose from.

Furthermore, the dev also confirmed that maps in the game are set from places such as the Middle East to European cities like London.

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Rumored Details & Multiplayer Maps

Modern Warfare is reportedly scheduled to have “around 20 maps” at launch, which is more than we’ve ever seen before. This is not including the large maps playlist either, as it’s reportedly separate from the regular rotation.

Additionally, we can also expect to see a host of day and night maps – if recent leaks are anything to go by. There is no need to worry though as your equipment will be tailored to each map, such as night vision goggles for night maps.


While some can’t get enough of it, others have remained extremely resistant to the tiny map. The map initially released with CoD 4 and has ever since received a mixed reaction from the community. The array of shipping crates are about the only protection you’ll find.

According to The Gaming Revolution, Shipment is set to release in Modern Warfare as a “re-imagining” with a host of changes from the original. You should still be able to recognise it though.


From several broken airplane parts scattered around to buildings all the way around the outside, which were primarily used as protection from aerial killstreaks. Fans will be delighted to hear that a re-imagining of this classic from Modern Warfare 2 is reportedly on the horizon.


Gulag was initially planned as a multiplayer map in Modern Warfare 2 many years ago, but this idea was scrapped. 10 years later, the prospect of Gulag launching as a map may finally come into fruition with Modern Warfare. This will reportedly be based on the tenth mission of MW2, The Gulag.

Of course, please remain skeptical with all rumors until we hear official word on the matter.

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It appears as though the Modern Warfare maps will provide a slightly reminiscent touch to the upcoming iteration of the franchise. However, rather than identical remasters of some past maps, Infinity Ward is seemingly introducing remakes with a few tweaks from the original version.


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