Modern Warfare Killstreaks Won’t Be Wrapped in a Single Life, Says Infinity Ward Dev

Modern Warfare Killstreaks

Infinity Ward recently confirmed the return of Modern Warfare killstreaks within a series of teasers prior to August 1st. Since then, they’ve divulged into more detail regarding this system, in addition to some gameplay of them in action. Many players have been wondering to what extent they can dominate the online battlefield, and now an Infinity Ward dev has responded to the questions.

Infinity Ward devs have been taking to Twitter to answer fan questions about multiplayer since the reveal. The latest to surface questioned the possibility to earn another collection of killstreaks after earning the initial set.

Infinity Ward’s Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot has responded in a recent tweet by saying “For this game, we’re not wrapping Killstreaks in a single life.” For the first time since Black Ops, players will not be able to earn another set of streaks in one life.

Upon the release of Call of Duty 4, Infinity Ward introduced us to the Killstreak system. This system rewarded players for earning kills based on a “3/5/7” format, with a UAV, an airstrike, and an attack helicopter as the rewards. This system was modified in Modern Warfare 2 to allow players to choose from a pool of rewards based on the number of kills they get, some lethal whereas others non-lethal.

Modern Warfare 3 introduced us to the Point Streak system and the ability to “wrap killstreaks”. This gave players an added incentive for living as you could earn you streaks again after completing the first set of streaks. Every game since Modern Warfare 3 has featured this system, but it has since been renamed it to the Scorestreak system.

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Infinity Ward has already split the player base in half with the removal of the much-beloved mini-map. Removing the “wrapping” of killstreaks is only going to further divide the player base and slow down the pace of matches. This, along with the removal of the mini-map, will most likely be monitored during the beta next month.

Infinity Ward seems to be going for a nostalgic feel with Modern Warfare, but have they gone too far this time?


  1. Removing Killstreak wrapping is a great choice.
    Now the extremely talented, or lucky people who is matched against scrubs in f.ex. domination wont be that dominating without having to die first.

    …But do give us the minimap back.


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