Modern Warfare FREE DLC, Season Pass Cancelled & Cross Platform Announced

Modern Warfare FREE DLC, Season Pass Cancelled & Cross Platform Announced

This is breaking news. Activision has announced a few fundamental changes for Call of Duty Modern Warfare in a bid to delight the community.

Modern Warfare – No Paid DLC

During the CoD 2019 reveal, Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Modern Warfare DLC will be FREE. The season pass, seen in many previous games within the franchise, will no longer make an appearance in the upcoming title as a result.

Activision’s marketing strategy will be different this year to an extent. Instead of implementing a season pass, Infinity Ward will be introducing regular updates to the game with post-launch content.

Activision has learnt over the course of the last few years that paid DLC comes to the displeasure of many fans. The changes scheduled for the upcoming instalment will likely play a huge part in reviving the franchise.

These changes which Activision are introducing will undoubtedly come to the pleasure of many fans.

Modern Warfare Cross Platform Confirmed

Yes, it’s official! Call of Duty Modern Warfare will feature cross platform play on PS4, Xbox One and PC in an attempt to unite all three platforms.

For those confused, it’s possible PC players will have to use a controller instead of a mouse if they wish to participate in cross-platform. Activision hasn’t yet confirmed this, however.

Many have previously remained resistant to the prospect of cross platform, as players thought PC users would have an advantage courtesy of a mouse and keyboard. This probably won’t be the case, however.

While Microsoft and PlayStation partnerships have been in the making for a while now, this decision, in particular, may not come as a surprise to some.

Modern Warfare PC Battle.Net Exclusive

Infinity Ward has also confirmed that Modern Warfare will be a Battle.Net exclusive on PC this year. The same occurrence took place last year with the release of Black Ops 4.



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