Modern Warfare Campaign Mission Gameplay Coming Soon, Says Dev

Modern Warfare Campaign Gameplay

Infinity Ward has recently showcased multiplayer gameplay for this year’s entry to the Call of Duty franchise. Although multiplayer has been a widely acclaimed aspect of the title thus far, many fans are eager for new gameplay of a Modern Warfare campaign mission.

Modern Warfare’s campaign was showcased back in late May, but there’s not been any gameplay of missions showcased to the public thus far. That could be about to change, however.

Infinity Ward has previously revealed two missions of the Campaign, although they were only for the press to see.

Studio Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki took to Twitter to share his excitement over the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition, which comes with a fully functioning set of Night Vision Googles. A fan shared similar feelings and snuck in a quick question about whether or not campaign footage is on the horizon.

In response to the question, Kurosaki replied “Coming up. Soon.” It’s unclear as to whether Kurosaki is referring to gameplay or a trailer of the campaign, or potentially even both. Admittedly, it doesn’t appear as though it will be a trailer while the reveal trailer which surfaced back in May primarily consisted of campaign elements.

This is exciting news for fans of single-player. As much as multiplayer and the other online functions of Call of Duty take center stage, fans do appreciate a solid, fully-fledged single player to go with the game. This is evident after last year’s absence of a campaign in Black Ops 4, which sparked some displeasure.

Remember that this is a reboot of the series which means that besides the return of Captain Price, there’s the possibility of many more characters coming back. In fact, Infinity Ward has already confirmed that alongside the iconic Captain Price, many more familar faces will be making a return.

There’s no concrete evidence to suggest what exactly will be shown in terms of footage. Many fans are requesting for real in-game footage rather than just cinematic, however.


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