Infinity Ward Might Have Just Teased Modern Warfare Dark Edition Bonuses

Modern Warfare Dark Edition

Back in May, a mysterious Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition pre-order surfaced on GameStop’s website. While no additional details were featured on the page, the edition sparked a little speculation within the community – with many wondering how it justifies a hefty price of $200.

What’s Included Within Modern Warfare Dark Edition?

Now, it appears as though Infinity Ward has teased some of its contents courtesy of a recent tweet. The tweet showcases a physical set of night vision goggles accompanied by the caption “learn more during the Modern Warfare¬†Multiplayer Premiere on 8/1 at 10AM PT.”

Although it doesn’t explicitly confirm anything, it does seem to rather embolden the fact that night vision goggles might be included within the Modern Warfare Dark Edition. To begin with, this is the type of product to justify a substantial price of $200. Additionally, this is not the first time a physical night vision goggle headset has been released alongside an edition in the Modern Warfare series.

In fact, almost ten years ago Infinity Ward announced that MW2’s Prestige Edition would include NVGs in addition to the game itself and a steelbook edition. But what’s more interesting, the edition was also made available on the launch of the game at a price not far off $200.

Based on Infinity Ward’s tweet alongside previous occurrences within the franchise, here’s what we expect the Modern Warfare Dark Edition to include.

  • Modern Warfare game
  • Steelbook
  • Call of Duty themed night vision goggles

We also assume Infinity Ward will add some other goodies into the mix as well – especially considering high-quality NVGs retail at a rough price of $100. The Modern Warfare Precision Edition, which is the second most expensive pre-order version, features KontrolFreek gear as well as operators packs and other in-game pre-order incentives. It’s possible that the Dark Edition will follow suit in some way, shape or form.

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When is the Dark Edition Coming Out?

Despite not revealing what’s included, GameStop did confirm that its release date is October 25 – the same day of when Modern Warfare becomes available worldwide.

Modern Warfare Dark Edition GameStop Listing
Modern Warfare Dark Edition GameStop Listing

Although GameStop has previously listed the version, it’s important to take note that Infinity Ward is yet to confirm the prospect of a Dark Edition, nor have they confirmed what bonuses accompany it.

Nevertheless, if Infinity Ward’s tweet does apply to the Dark Edition, we can expect further details to surface on August 1st at the full Multiplayer reveal.



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