REPORT: Infinity Ward will showcase at least two Modern Warfare Campaign Missions at E3 2019

E3 2019 Infinity Ward Call of Duty Modern Warfare

If you thought the Call of Duty 2019 reveal provided an extensive look at the upcoming iteration of the franchise, then you’re in for an even bigger treat at E3 2019. According to a new report from VentureBeat, the two campaign missions shown at Infinity Ward’s headquarters last week will be showcased at Infinity Ward’s E3 2019 panel.

Infinity Ward is set to push the boundaries of realism for their latest instalments, with multiple reports claiming that Call of Duty Modern Warfare will have an extremely realistic and disturbing campaign. As the title suggests, the game is set to resemble what is happening in current affairs, including terrorism, anti-terrorism, rebel soldiers, and civilians.

The level of brutality shown is similar to the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 mission No Russian, an infamous mission for its disturbing nature, as the player has to murder countless civilians in order to progress in the campaign. The backlash caused by this mission led to the player being able to skip it entirely.

Mission 1: NAVY Seal Raid, London

The first mission shown at E3 will be a breach mission set in 2019. In which, the main location is London, United Kingdom.

The mission begins with a British police officer shouting at two suspects who have just got out of a suspicious vehicle. The car then drives further down the road and blows up.

SPECULATION: There was potential evidence of London being a location in the campaign, as shown by the yellow and blue pattern on the police car, which is synonymous with the Metropolitan Police Service for the United Kingdom.

Then, the scene shifts to a debrief, where a SEAL team discusses the potential location of the attackers. After, we focus on a SEAL, which the player is controlling. The SEAL and his team breach into a house, destroying the lights so they could utilise their night vision goggles.

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Using a silenced weapon, the SEAL team goes floor by floor in killing multiple suspects, while also receiving fire. At one point, the mission is set to question whether the team will kill a mother, who is expected to have a weapon but is also with her baby. This doesn’t end up happening. The baby is also mentioned as one SEAL suggests “silencing” it.

Once the SEALs have reached the highest floor, they find a woman entering data, she attempts to go for a hammer, but she is shot and killed before she could do so. The mission ends with a debrief.

Mission 2: Flashback of rebel fighters, Middle East

The second mission will be a flashback of two rebel soldiers, who play a role in the campaign. The main reason for this mission was to understand what led them to become soldiers.

The mission follows the point-of-view from a young girl. The main scene begins with a potential drone strike explosion in the Middle East. The chaos leads to the young girl being trapped under rubble, she is then saved by civilians.

She gets picked up by her father as another airstrike drops on the location. They run back to their home to try and find their brother. However, Russian soldiers jump out of vehicles and start to shoot at civilians, including children. The soldiers throw a kind of nerve gas, the father and daughter then rush to their home, finding their brother.

The father hands his son a gas mask.

SPECULATION: The boy shown with this gas mask on in the reveal trailer could be the same boy described in the mission.

Then, a Russian soldier breaches the room. The young boy attempts to help his father in taking down the attacker. The father stabs the soldier, but he is too powerful, knocking out the brother and then shooting the father, killing him.

The little girl picks up a screwdriver and stabs the soldier, which initiates a chase. After a couple of failed attempts at subduing the soldier, she is then chased down multiple times but escapes capture. Finally, as the brother wakes up, he starts to choke the soldier as well as the daughter stabbing him.

The daughter grabs the soldiers rifle and proceeds to shoot him multiple times, killing him.

You then see the two attempting to escape, but then multiple Russian soldiers continue to gun-down even more civilians. Then, they take the remaining survivors away to an unknown location.

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After, a civilian who dies to nerve gas momentarily pleads for help. He also managed to take off the boy’s gas mask.

The two then start running to escape the gas and come to a village to see even more civilians being killed.

Finally, the pair approach a vehicle which they can use for escape. However, it’s guarded. So, the girl causes a distraction using her phone. Once the soldiers come to investigate the ringing, she grabs a pistol which was in the vicinity.

She then aims it at one of the soldier’s head. Then, there is a gunshot noise and then the screen goes black.

The report is in alignment with these two missions. The endangerment of civilians is clearly a huge feature of both missions, and although realistic, it will be disturbing.

These campaign missions will be shown at Infinity Ward’s E3 2019 panel.

E3 Coliseum begins on June 11 and ends on June 13.


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