Infinity Ward Dev Responds to Modern Warfare Lobby Screen Complaints

Modern Warfare Lobby Screen

Infinity Ward recently released the first Multiplayer gameplay of Modern Warfare, courtesy of a livestream featuring four popular streamers battling it out in the all-new Gunfight mode.

Although some are delighted with what they’ve seen so far, others have suggested some improvements which they think should be made. One of the most recent of which has surfaced on Reddit, where ‘u/GamingHermit2k17’ noticed that the player list featured directly in the centre seemed off.

Just a small suggestion on the Lobby screen. Having the player list dead centre seems off. from r/modernwarfare

Other fans have also responded by suggesting they follow the same pattern as previous Call of Duty games, whilst allowing the two characters in the middle to be showcased more clearly without the player list blocking them. In fact, the user who initially posted this proposed they edit the list so it appear on the right-hand side.

Thankfully, it seems as if Infinity Ward has taken the feedback into consideration. The studio’s art director ‘ArtPeasant’ has addressed the criticism by reassuring fans that the “menu screen is unfinished. Placement of everything will end up in all the right places.”

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It’s worth taking note that the same applies to other aspects within the game. Infinity Ward will continue to address players’ feedback, whilst making the finishing touches prior to launch.

This isn’t the first time Infinity Ward has responded to fans’ complaints either. They have previously explained the reasoning behind the optical zoom looks, in addition to reaffirming the return of traditional Multiplayer – despite what players believe after witnessing Gunfight.

The full Modern Warfare Multiplayer reveal will be taking place on August 1st at 10am PT / 6pm BST. Unlike Gunfight, which is only a minor portion of what’s in store, this will detail much more in a bid to provide fans with a better idea of what to expect.

SOURCE: Reddit


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