Infinity Ward Dev Addresses​ Modern Warfare Multiplayer Complaints

Modern Warfare Multiplayer

Infinity Ward has recently unveiled Multiplayer gameplay for their upcoming addition to the franchise, courtesy of a new livestream featuring four well-known streamers.

While some are looking extremely forward to the game, others have remained resistant to the prospect of what appears to be a not very traditional MP mode. In fact, the backlash has required an Infinity Ward dev to address players’ concerns.

The reveal showcased four personalities going head to head in Modern Warfare‘s new 2v2 Gunfight mode. Although the livestream was certainly interesting, several fans were not so pleased with the gameplay. Some have mentioned that what we’ve seen so far seems somewhat similar to Warface, instead of traditional hardcore Call of Duty MP which the vast majority of fans were hoping for.

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Eagle-eyed fans have been quick to point out that new features have been introduced to the game. Call of Duty Ghosts’ leaning mechanic, in addition to an all-new ‘execution’ feature, for example.

Although this isn’t necessarily such a bad thing, it seems as if other iconic Call of Duty features such as create-a-class and the mini-map, were nowhere to be seen – making the game seem less reminiscent of previous nostalgic Modern Warfare titles.

These changes and decisions have been accompanied by a host of concerns from players, which is understandable. However, thanks to a new reply from Infinity Ward employee Joe Cecot, some fans’ worries have been put to rest. Cecot has reassured the community that Gunfight is “just a taste” of what Multiplayer has in store and Modern Warfare will “definitely have traditional MP.”

This comment seems very promising, one which we hope will live up to expectations. The gameplay of Gunfight isn’t necessarily how the title will play out when the game arrives. Some aspects are currently still in development, whereas others can be subject to change.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal

The full Modern Warfare MP reveal is scheduled to take place on August 1st, 2019 at 10am PT / 6pm BST.

Infinity Ward developers have stressed that what we’ve seen so far is practically nothing to what will be showcased at the start of August. Those in doubt now may have a better idea of what to expect after witnessing the entirety of the Multiplayer experience.


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