How Will Cross Play Work in Call of Duty Modern Warfare


During the Call of Duty 2019 reveal, Infinity Ward confirmed that Modern Warfare will no longer have a Season Pass, in addition to announcing cross play compatibility for the upcoming iteration of the franchise.

The prospect of PC, PS4, and Xbox One users playing together has prompted speculation alongside a lot of confusion across the entire community.

Following the reveal, many believed the addition of cross play would grant PC players with a major advantage – courtesy of a keyboard and mouse, which would ultimately provide better accuracy for those experienced with the controls.

A new report from Forbes suggests this won’t be the case, however. Here’s how cross play will expectedly work in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare Cross Play – PC, Xbox One & PS4

It appears as though this all-new feature will function relatively straightforward. It will work between PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If you are using a controller, you will be put into lobbies with other players who are only using a controller. For those who decide to play with a keyboard and mouse, they will be introduced to other lobbies with only keyboard and mouse players.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta

Additionally, it will also work similarly to Fortnite. Players using a controller on either a PS4 or Xbox One, who decide to partner up with someone using a keyboard and mouse on PC, will then be put into matches of all players – whether they are using a controller or keyboard and mouse.

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Unless you’re up for a challenge, we advise not partying up with a M+K player. PC players typically have an advantage, especially if they’re going up against a host of controller players.

With the exception of an Infinity Ward developer sharing the Forbes post on Twitter, Activision nor IW has confirmed anything themselves. While we are still several months away from Modern Warfare‘s launch, plans could also be subject to change.

Either way, this will be a colossal change for Call of Duty and will undoubtedly revolutionise the franchise for the best.


  1. if an “Aimbot” is in the game(~95%~ of games it is) for controller players that’s FAR worse to deal with even if you have a K&M so don’t give me that “K&M have a super advantage” go play GTA5 as K&M and duel a good controller player. you’ll see how dumb it is.


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