How to Watch Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal Livestream


As 10am PT on August 1st draws even closer, many players are wondering how to watch the Modern Warfare reveal. We’ve embedded the livestream below so you can view it here as soon as it begins.

Infinity Ward has been teasing the next iteration of the franchise for a while, with a first look at gunsmith alongside tactical infiltration and killstreaks. Now, all speculation will be put to rest with the Modern Warfare reveal.

Where to Watch Modern Warfare Reveal

Activision has confirmed prior to the reveal that it will be livestreamed on the official Call of Duty social media platforms. We’ve embedded the Twitch stream below, which is likely to go live less than 30 minutes before.

The Modern Warfare reveal is scheduled to take place at 10am PT / 6pm BST on August 1st.

This is not the first glimpse of Multiplayer, nor is it the first reveal of the game. Infinity Ward showcased Gunfight a short while ago, while the Campaign reveal took place on May 30th. Nonetheless, we recommend tuning in as you’re not going to want to miss it.

NEW INTEL: Here’s a small glimpse of Modern Warfare Multiplayer gameplay.

What to Expect

Activision has already provided an insight of what’s around the corner, courtesy of a recent blog post.

To begin with, Infinity Ward will kick it off with the debut of the Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer. Following this, Infinity Ward developers will take a seat and provide an overall breakdown of Multiplayer, including maps, designs, game modes, weapons and more.

Activision will then proceed to showcase top-tier streamers and content creators head to head in the new experience. Infinity Ward has confirmed the list, ranging from Dr Disrespect to YouTubers such as Tom Syndicate. This portion of the Modern Warfare reveal will be taking place at 10:30am PT.

Modern Warfare Reveal Line-up

Finally, as the reveal comes to an end at 2PM PT, Infinity Ward will unveil some pre-launch plans, in addition to another surprise or two from the developers.


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