How to Watch Infinity Ward E3 2019 Panel – Date/Time & What to Expect

Modern Warfare E3 2019

So far for the E3 2019 convention, the Infinity Ward panel has been highly anticipated. Here’s when and where you can watch it and what you can expect regarding Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

Where to Watch Modern Warfare E3 2019 Panel

The Infinity Ward panel will be on Tuesday 11th June at 3pm (PST) / 6pm (EST). It is expected to last for around 30 minutes. Here is the stream, stay tuned!

What to Expect

Considering that Sony is not having a panel at E3 this year, this one will potentially be one of the sole places we will receive brand new information on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

According to reports, viewers will get a look at two of the campaign missions for this year’s release. These campaigns are said to be very chilling and life-like, making them original and something players won’t have experienced before.

One of the missions will be NAVY Seal Raid which is based in London, United Kingdom. The other will be based in the Middle East and focuses on flashbacks from rebel fighters. These campaign missions are said to be based on current affairs such as terrorism.

Hopefully, we could see some of the multiplayer gameplay – which is always a fan favourite. With rumors that the CWL could be played on PC from now on, it would be interesting to see what Infinity Ward choose to reveal to us. However, an ex-video game developer for Call of Duty, Robert Bowling, tweeted out that it will most likely just be a glimpse at one of the aforementioned campaign missions. That is if previous years are anything to go by.

Regardless, we will most definitely be getting information on the new Call of Duty game at the Infinity Ward E3 panel. With only a few days left to go, we can’t wait to see what the next edition of the popular franchise has in store.


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