How to Get Early Access to Modern Warfare Beta

Modern Warfare BETA

As the October 25th launch date of Modern Warfare draws closer, many players are wondering how to get early access to the multiplayer Beta.

Infinity Ward is developing this year’s iteration of Call of Duty. A ton of new information and gameplay was shown during the worldwide multiplayer reveal on August 1st such as perks, the return of killstreaks, and even a brand new 20v20 Ground War mode. Additionally, Infinity Ward also touched on what to expect from the Beta.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Beta

Surprisingly, the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta is open rather than private. This means anyone can get access to it, although there are ways players can be granted with early access.

The Modern Warfare beta will be available a few days prior to those who pre-order or pre-purchase the digital or physical editions of the game. This includes all editions of the game for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Players can get their hands on it as early as September 12 on PS4, assuming they’ve pre-ordered the game. Upon pre-ordering or pre-purchasing the game, players will receive a 13-character Beta access code that they will need to redeem on the Call of Duty website.

As we get closer to the beta, players will receive their Early Access Beta Token in their emails. Activision will discuss additional details regarding this matter at a later date.

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Official Schedule

Those who would like to test out the title prior to pre-ordering the game can still obtain Beta access, albeit this will be a few days later.

The Modern Warfare Beta will be broken up into two separate tests. One of which will be exclusive to the PS4, while the other will test out the Cross Play aspect for one of the first times. In case you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, Cross Play enables all users to play together – regardless of your platform.

It’s unclear as to what will be available during the test. With the confirmation of no-mini map thus far, Infinity Ward has mentioned that they will monitor how players react to this huge change in gameplay.

Further to this, they will also be listening to feedback regarding other aspects of the game. Therefore, we can expect Infinity Ward to tailor a few other changes on the basis of what fans request.


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