Call of Duty Ghosts Was Reportedly Initially Called ‘Modern Warfare​ Ghosts’

Modern Warfare​ Ghosts

A new report claims Call of Duty Ghosts was planned to be titled ‘Modern Warfare Ghosts’, during an early stage of development.

Modern Warfare Ghosts

It appears as though concept images from a professional UI Lead Artist may have let the secret out. The post surfaced on February 12 of 2018, but for some bizarre reason, it’s only just beginning to attract attention.

The UI designer claims they “helped manage the daily schedule and workflow of artists on my team.” Although the vast majority of concepts seem to feature the usual aspects, Twitter user ‘rspers541’ has stumbled across the title ‘Modern Warfare Ghosts’ in one of the images, suggesting this was originally the name of the game while in pre-alpha build.

Modern Warfare Ghosts

Ironically, prior to the reveal of Call of Duty Ghosts fans continuously used the term ‘Modern Warfare 4’, as they expected the game to be a direct sequel. In fact, the fans were not technically wrong as executive producer Mark Rubin previously confirmed that it was planned to be a sequel until the studio had a change of plan.

Advanced Warfare & Modern Warfare Started as Sequels

In addition to ‘Modern Warfare Ghosts’, Advanced Warfare and the upcoming Modern Warfare were also apparently touted to launch as Modern Warfare sequels beforehand. However, after Activision realised they kind of finished the story in Modern Warfare 3, there wasn’t really much point. Instead, we’ll be getting a reboot of the Modern Warfare series on October 25, 2019.

Furthermore, TGR – a popular YouTuber within the community – also claims Sledgehammer Games were working on Advanced Warfare 2 for a short period of time until producing CoD WW2. While a hardcore and boots on the ground experience is widely acclaimed from players, this was probably the correct decision.


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