First Look at Modern Warfare Killstreaks Revealed

Modern Warfare Killstreaks

Infinity Ward has teased some of the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare killstreaks – and it appears as though some all-time classics are back.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Killstreaks

In a recent tweet, Infinity Ward has teased the upcoming full Multiplayer reveal with a first look at some of the in-game killstreaks. The tweet was accompanied by the caption “own the opposition – reap the rewards”, in additon to images of the killstreaks with their descriptions.

Most notably, Modern Warfare will feature killstreaks rather than scorestreaks, which hasn’t been the case in most recent years. However, in some respects, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise while killstreaks have predominantly appeared in the Modern Warfare series in particular.

Only three killstreaks have been confirmed so far, with Juggernaut also being revealed back at E3 2019. Of course, this is only a portion of what the game will include.

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Infantry Assault Vehicle

Players will presumably be more inclined to use this on some of the larger maps, while it may be a pain to drive in close quarter areas. In fact, recent rumors have suggested that some killstreaks will only be accessible via the large maps playlist, which may be the case with the Infantry Assault Vehicle.

Modern Warfare Infantry Assault Vehicle Killstreak

Manned light infantry assault vehicle with a .50 cal machine gun on the top.

White Phosphorus

Judging by the description, it seems as if this aerial vehicle will deploy smoke flares causing the enemy unable to see. The smoke may be pretty lethal as well, causing to anyone in contact with them to die.

Modern Warfare White Phosphorus Killstreak

Cover the battlefield with white smoke flare canisters that will disorient the enemy, and burn any that wonder too close.


This Juggernaut was initially revealed back at E3 2019 and has previously surfaced in many past Call of Duty titles. In Modern Warfare, the classic is described as:

Modern Warfare Juggernaut Killstreak

Call in a care package that contains the Juggernaut assault gear.

In order to obtain Juggernaut, it’s rumored players will have to acquire 15 kills. This has not been officially confirmed as of yet, however.


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