Official Call of Duty Accounts Turn Dark Prior to Modern Warfare Reveal

Call of Duty Accounts

UPDATE – 10:30pm UK, May 28th, 2019: It appears as though Infinity Ward staff have also changed their work accounts to all-black as well. Something is just around the corner.

The official Call of Duty social media accounts have gone dark in a bid to seemingly tease the upcoming Modern Warfare game.

Their channels have received a host of visual updates. Firstly, the logo has been slightly changed, in addition to making the banner entirely black. Most notably, the bio reads “Going Dark,” which is, in fact, a military term for the sudden termination of communication. These changes occurred at Midnight PT / 8am BST.

In addition to the main Twitter account, all foreign platforms have also received a few changes. Further, the same edits have taken place on the official Youtube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. The official Instagram has been temporarily archived, suggesting something is almost certainly around the corner.

Official Call of Duty Quotes from Social Media Accounts

Once the bios of other Call of Duty account nationalities have been translated, here’s what we can obtain.

  • “Silence on the air.”
  • “Lights out.”
  • “Radio silence.”
  • “We start.”
  • “Prepare for the infiltration operation.”
  • “Silence on the radio.”

Call of Duty Twitter Account

What Could These Quotes Suggest?

Interestingly, some of these have featured in previous Campaign missions for Call of Duty. That said, it’s most likely just a coincidence, while some are familiar military terms.

Heavy Emphasis on Night Vision?

As of the time writing this, it’s unclear as to what exactly Infinity Ward is trying to tease or whether they are just playing with fans’ emotions. Potentially, these updates may suggest that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a heavy emphasis on night vision.

Terrorism-Focused Modern Warfare Campaign?

Some fans have been also speculating that these quotes may infer we’ll be going undercover in terrorist groups for the Campaign. Gaming INTEL has previously received information which suggests Modern Warfare’s campaign will indeed be similar to controversial missions like ‘No Russian.

Either way, sources have told Gaming INTEL that the reveal will be taking place on May 30th, so we’ll most likely find out more then.

Infinity Ward is expected to tease the upcoming addition to the franchise tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s possible for some leaks to occur as Call of Duty Modern Warfare promotional material has reportedly been shipped off to GameStop warehouses.


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