Call of Duty 2019 Game Could Be Teased by Infinity Ward on New Year’s Day (CoD 2019 – MW4)

Call of Duty 2019 - Modern Warfare 4 Teaser

The latest instalment within the Call of Duty franchise recently launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Whilst we are only approaching the third month since the release of Black Ops 4, it may seem too early to make any comment on CoD 2019. Although, if following suit from previous years, a Call of Duty 2019 game (which is expected to be Modern Warfare 4 / MW4) teaser by Infinity Ward could potentially be on the cards for New Year’s Day.

MW4 / Modern Warfare 4 Teaser (Call of Duty 2019 Game)

Typically speaking, upcoming Call of Duty titles are announced towards the start of each year. In regards to Black Ops 4, Treyarch released the first teaser at the start of March with a reveal following suit in May. In addition, Sledgehammer Games announced CoD WW2 around April, although several leaks surfaced beforehand, which could’ve very well prompted them to provide the community with details.

To kick off 2016, Infinity Ward released the following image with the caption “Here’s to reaching new heights!” on their twitter:

Interestingly, this teaser had strong relevance to their Call of Duty 2016 game, Infinite Warfare. If Infinity Ward were to follow this pattern, a CoD 2019 teaser for the beginning of next year may be on the horizon.

In addition to Infinity Ward’s 2016 teaser, Michael Condrey from Sledgehammer Games tweeted out the following image on Christmas day of 2016:

Aspects of this particular image, such as the weapon, suggested that their upcoming title would have relation to WW2. Whilst the image didn’t officially confirm anything, it did in fact have relevance to their WW2 title.

Whilst the above is speculation and theories based on the past, it’s important for players not to get their hopes up. Infinity Ward could quite easily have a change of plan for this year and hold back releasing too much, too early.

Infinity Ward to Develop Call of Duty 2019 (CoD 2019)

Treyarch, Sledgehammer, and Infinity Ward take turns every three years to develop a Call of Duty title. With Treyarch continuing the much beloved Black Ops series this year and Sledgehammer taking back to CoD’s original roots with boots on the ground gameplay, Infinity Ward are scheduled to develop Call of Duty 2019. The question is; What is the Call of Duty 2019 game titled? Based on rumors, MW4 so far appears to be on the horizon, as detailed below.

PLEASE NOTE: If following this pattern, Infinity Ward will without a doubt develop CoD 2019. Although, there hasn’t been any official confirmation as of yet.

Modern Warfare 4 Rumored to Be Call of Duty 2019

Previously, Gaming INTEL received exclusive information that suggested the upcoming Call of Duty 2019 title will be named Modern Warfare 4. Recent information that we have received still lines up with this leak. Therefore, if Infinity Ward were to release a Call of Duty 2019 teaser to celebrate the new year, it’s most likely going to have some relation to the Modern Warfare series.

If Infinity Ward were to provide us with a Call of Duty 2019 / Modern Warfare 4 teaser, it may not explicitly confirm the title of their upcoming instalment. However, it would most likely provide hints and clues for the title’s setting and era.

Once again, we stress that this information hasn’t been officially confirmed. Infinity Ward’s plans are currently unknown. Keep an eye out for any additional Call of Duty news we receive from our inside sources.

PLEASE NOTE: The featured image is from the Modern Warfare 3 Map named Oasis.


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