Infinite Warfare Patch Notes (1/13/17)

Infinite Warfare Patch Notes (1/13/17)

Infinite Warfare has been receiving new updates over the last few days. The Infinite Warfare Patch Notes (1/13/17) have now arrived.

Infinite Warfare Patch Notes (1/13/17):

General Fixes

• Slight increase in Black Hole radius

• The map Grounded has been added back into rotation

• Competitive playlist rules and maps have been adjusted to match CWL (PS4/Xbox)

• Players who deploy a Black Hole will receive assists if an enemy is killed while being pulled in

• Players receive assists if the enemy the Seeker Grenade is tracking is killed

• Increases to Micro Turret health, ammunition, and fire rate

• Infected: If a player waits to spawn in to avoid being the first Infected, they’ll be forced to Infected

• Infected: Fixed an issue where the first Infected wasn’t getting the proper score or XP for the first kill

• Infected: Kills/Deaths are no longer stored after a match so KD is not affected

• Infected playlist now includes shotguns, SMGs, ARs, and snipers

• Infected: Boost jump recharge is now slower

• Gun Game: Increased the throw distance for the Bio Spike

• Gun Game: Kills/Deaths are no longer stored after a match so KD is not affected

• Fixed an issue where the player couldn’t capture the next Hardpoint if they are in a Scorestreak

• Fixed an issue where the Hardpoint was being contested but the icon was in a red capture state

• Howitzer headshots were not counting towards camo unlocks. This has been fixed

• Fix for available Payloads such as Reactive Armor requiring another score update after round switch to re-earn • Killcams now show Traits, Tacticals, and Lethals

• Reduced recoil of the R3K when zoomed in using the VMC

• Slight increase to Quick Draw speed with snipers

• OSA Launcher: Updated inner and outer damage, and damage radius to reduce lethality in Tactical TDM

• Howitzer: slight adjustment to increase lethal radius and overall radius. Increase projectile speed and reduced projectile up velocity to help with targeting

• Fix for the Hit ad Run Gun Perk on the Epic Kendall-44 showing as an attachment in the weapon name

• SMGs: Increased hip aim assist range to 800 inches. Increased ADS aim assist range to 1400 inches

• FHR 40 and RPR Evo: Increased ADS aim assist range to 1200 inches

• MacTav-45: Increased ADS aim assist range to 1500 inches

• Shotguns: Increased hip and ADS aim assist ranges to 600 inches matching the max damage range

• Fix for an exploit where using the Killstreak map could be used every round as a free UAV

• Fix for the “A” bombsite on Retaliation that would cause a player to unintentionally move when next to the bombsite

• Fix for the “Out of Bounds” that would trigger when near the theater and bowling alley on Throwback

• Updated the start spawn for Precinct Hardpoint and Uplink

• 15 spots on Rooftop near Drop Pods and Construction have been fixed in Precinct

• Scorch “B” bombsite moved to the back of the drill (from attacker side)



• Fix for an error when attempting to change team colors, name, and icon

• Removed Payload delay at the start of a round

• Active Camo duration has been reduced from 10s to 5s

• Reactive Armor duration has been reduced from 9s to 6s

• Bull Charge duration has been reduced from 6.5s to 5s

• Reactive Armor value slightly lowered

• Rewind: Only Rewinds a portion of the player’s health. Still rewinds full ammo

• Overdrive: No longer restores player health on activation

• Holding the Uplink drone or planting/defusing in CWL rulesets no longer drain your Payload faster as the base duration times have been adjusted

• Removed Killstreak spawn protection

Source: Infinity Ward Reddit


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