Infinite Warfare Rave in the Redwoods Breakdown

Infinite Warfare Rave in the Redwoods

During the Infinity Ward Livestream on Jan 24th, a lot was talked about with the new Infinite Warfare Zombies Map “Rave in the Redwoods” so here is a breakdown on everything you need to know about the new Infinite Warfare Rave in the Redwoods map before you get your hands on it.

Infinite Warfare Rave in the Redwoods Breakdown


Rave in the Redwoods is taking place in the 1990s in a Summer Camp called “Bear Lake” and the Livestream provided us with the logo of the Camp Site and the Map and Lee Ross (Associate Project Director) says that there stuff to pay attention to on the map so really focus on the layout of the map and the key location

Rave in the Redwood


The characters are sent to a 1990s Slasher Film like Friday the 13th and are given different styles to match the time period.

Sally is now a Gangster with claw nails, finger tattoos, bandana, the attitude so she is now a complete badass

Poindexter is now the Rave Guy so he goes from a nerd to a rave guy and he can be some trouble so the others have to keep an eye on him and Lee Ross says that he really into Perk Candy

Andre is now the Grunge Character with the two flannel, ripped jeans, converse shoes

AJ is now a HipHop wannabe. Thinks he really cool, wears a lot of gold and threads, and he believes that he a rapper but he not a good one

Rave in the RedwoodRave in the Redwood

Weapons and Traps

During the Livestream, Lee Ross was saying that in a 90s slasher film no one walking around with a Shotgun, an NV4, or any of those high class weapons so they wanted it to feel like a real slasher film where the people are grabbing melee weapons like a machete, golf club, spike bat, double sided axe, etc so basically anything they can use to stay alive. Also the crazy thing about it is you will spawn in with nothing in your hands. No pistol, no knife, just using your fists to fight your way in the beginning and trying to find something right away to help you

“Fist aren’t gonna get you very far” ~Lee Ross

They also provided us with two images of the weapons that are gonna be in the map and one of them is a Crossbow and Lee Ross says that it’s gonna take a lot of work to get your hand on that so keep your eyes open on the easter eggs

Rave in the Redwood 

Rave Mode (Rave Vision)

During the Livestream, they were talking about the Rave Mode or Rave Vision and they were saying that it’s exciting to go from a dark, gloomy, scary campsite into a bright neon crazy looking map but they make Rave Mode a bit more interesting. The Slasher is in Rave Mode and every time you step into Rave Mode, he going to be there waiting for you and giving you a hard time

Rave in the Redwood

The Slasher

So whats a good 90s Slasher Film without the Slasher. Jason in Friday the 13th, Michael Myers in Halloween, so Infinity Ward decided to added they’re own version of the slasher in Rave in the Redwoods. The Slasher comes out in Rave Mode so every time you step into Rave Mode, he going to be there waiting for you and giving you a hard time. He wearing a welding mask with scratch marks of a smiley face, all bloddy, baggy jeans, and he holding a buzz saw and the interesting thing about it is the slasher loves to grind that across his metal mask and sparks are flying everywhere so it adds more of a crazy personality.

What’s also very interesting is there is another version of the slasher and this version is a lot bigger and scarier with a giant buzz saw blade coming out from his back and a crazier looking mask and this version looks more like a monster then human. So there is a way to transform the slasher to a super version and Infinity Ward provided us with three concept arts of the Slasher

Rave in the RedwoodRave in the RedwoodRave in the Redwood


So Infinity Ward really wanted to show that woods theme and during the 90s everyone would go to the woods and try to look for Big Foot. So in the Map Zombies in Spaceland, there this round with killer clowns that explode when you kill them, these Sasquatch are gonna replace the clowns and they come out every once in a while for a full round and they will try to eat you alive and they don’t blow up or go away and they are more dangerous then the clowns so you need to kill them. Infinity Ward also provided us with two concept arts of the Sasquatch, both in rave mode and not so there is a rave version of them so you are not safe and the slasher there two so you will have more then one thing to worry about

Rave in the RedwoodRave in the Redwood

Guest Star

In the Trailer and in the poster of Rave in the Redwoods, Infinity Ward showed that Kevin Smith will be featuring in the game and we aren’t sure if he’ll be a playable character or not but most likely yes.

Rave in the Redwood

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare DLC 1 Sabotage will be available on Jan 31st, first on PlayStation 4 so be ready for that and a month after for Xbox One and PC

Source: Infinity Ward Livestream


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