How to Pack-a-Punch in Black Ops 4 Zombies IX

Call of Duty- Black Ops 4 Zombies - How to Pack-a-Punch in IX

Upon release, Call of Duty‘s Black Ops 4 came equipped with 4 brand new zombies maps. Each with its own storyline, setting, lore and easter eggs. But, of course, you cannot have a zombies map without the infamous Pack-a-punch. For those who are unaware, Pack-a-Punch is the ability to upgrade weapons and items within Zombies to increase their damage, ammo capacity, fire rate and even add elemental damage. Here’s how to Pack-a-Punch in the Black Ops 4 Zombies Map, IX…

How to Pack-a-Punch in IX – Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies

In order to unlock this feature, a sequence of easter eggs or events needs to be completed before Pack-a-Punch is ‘available’. By now some of you would have already discovered the secrets, but for any who are still unsure, here is a guide on how to unlock the Pack-a-Punch on IX. IX (also called Nine) is the simplest out of the four base maps, to Pack-a-Punch, with the other maps being Classified, Voyage of Despair and Blood of the Dead.

Step 1 – Get Ready to Pack-a-Punch in Black Ops 4 Zombies IX

The environment in IX is reminiscent to that of a gladiator arena within the ancient Roman civilizations, but of course with a Treyarch twist. Elements of mythology and historical pasts, interlace this multi-zoned Black Ops 4 zombies map.

Spawning in the very central arena, players will find 4 large outer temples in their immediate vicinity. The order in which you unlock these temples is not of importance, however, in order to unlock the Pack-a-Punch, all will eventually be opened. This is part of the reason why it is recommended to ensure players have plenty of points and also decent weapons in order to make this process as easy as possible.

Step 2 – Summon a Champion

Again, the order in which these ‘God Temples’ are unlocked is not important, but be warned that each one will contain a slightly different enemy for you to face. There are four of these temples in total, Ra, Danu, Odin, and Zeus.

Upon entering each of these God Temples, you will find a gong on the upper level in what is called the ‘Altar Room’. Simply walk up to these and press the interact button to sound the Gong. This action will then ‘summon a champion’ in which you need to defeat. For this stage, there is no time limit, but you will need to kill the champion(s) in order to proceed with the Pack-a-Punch Easter Egg.

The easiest champion to initially summon is found in the Danu Alter room as only one boss zombie (Champion) will spawn. Even though he is a solo champion, he still has a massive amount of health and can cause major damage, so caution and coordination are a must. Once the champion is defeated, a decapitated head will be dropped, of which you must pick up in order to store it in your inventory.

Pack-a-Punch champion

This process will then be repeated in each of the other altar rooms. With a view of saving time and money, you can run between the Ra-Danu and the Odin-Zeus altar room via the upper doors and connecting bridges. Despite these rooms being all relatively close to each other in proximity, if you can avoid re-entering the main arena every time, then do so

The Ra alter room champion(s) will be a slasher boss that lunges at you as well as a heavy brutish ax-wielding champion. The Zeus room also has a single slasher boss and the Odin alter room will spawn in Tigers. I believe that the champions that spawn in at each God temple will be the same each time, so with practice, you will readily learn efficient methods for disposing of these champions. But simply just moving and constant DPS (damage per second) will work fine.

Place the Heads in the Main Underground Temple

Upon defeating the four champions and collecting their heads, you will need to enter the underground labyrinth. Underneath each of the temples, you will find tunnels that all lead to a zone called ‘The Pit’. The area (The Pit) will be surrounding the main underground temple as showcased in the actual gameplay trailer released by Treyarch.

In the very middle will be an altar which you will ‘feed’. This means to simply interact and an animation will occur which removes the heads from your inventory and impales them onto found protruding spikes. These spikes were briefly displayed within the Avenged Sevenfold music video, and are easy to find once you enter this area.

Pack-a-Punch heads

The heads will then be ‘fed’ into the altar and the Pack-a-Punch process is complete. The altar will transform into a portal in which you can place your guns in to upgrade for 5000 points. This upgrade process can be repeated to ‘double, triple or even the quad’ PAP (Pack-a-Punch) a weapon and will provide you will add perks such as brain-rot and firebomb just to name a few.

Pack-a-Punch temple

The Pack-a-Punch on IX is by far one of the easiest out of all the maps we have ever had throughout zombies, so get out there and have fun slaying!


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