Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Zombie Map ‘Five’ Could Potentially Be Remastered, Here’s Why

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‘Five’ Coming to Black Ops 4 Zombies

Recent news of the Call Of Duty Black Ops 4┬áseason pass suggests we will be getting four “All-New Zombies Experiences” on launch day. On the left side of the Black Ops Pass we see that we get a day one bonus included with buying the pass. This day one bonus states that we will be getting a “Classified Zombies Experience”.

Now, everyone knows that IX, Voyage of Despair, and Blood Of The Dead will all be included day one with Call of Duty Black Ops 4, but a fourth map changes everything.

How is this map a remaster or re-imagining of Five? Well, people including myself quickly saw the strange stylized ‘A’ in “Classified” under the day one bonus section of the Black Ops Pass. The symbol within the ‘A’ is a pentagon, and the map Five takes place inside of the Pentagon leaving everyone knowing exactly what this ‘A’ means.

‘Five’ Remake or Re-imagining

Now with the map being known as Five from the original Call of Duty Black Ops, what will this map include? As it is well aware, IX and Voyage of Despair are in a completely new universe apart and completely separate from the Aether story line we are used to with beloved characters like the Primis, Victis, and Ultimis crew along with the Samantha, The Shadowman, Dr. Monty, and much more of course. Blood of The Dead however is still in our Aether story line as I am wholeheartedly connected to, except Blood of The Dead is not a remake or remaster, it is an all new experience which some have mistake for an exact map to map copy/remaster.

Simply, the original Mob of The Dead and other maps didn’t have enough space on old generation disks to fit the space they wanted for their maps. With new generation and no campaign, Blood of The Dead will be exactly how they want to make it, and they can fit a lot of content on disk with dlcs as well. But will this be the same case with Five?

Five is a simple map, difficult, but simple. Before easter eggs were a mission and quest to complete in Zombies and before the mode was as huge as it is today. Could Treyarch change this map if they didn’t like how it was before? Of course they can, in fact the Black Ops Pass does say “All-New” but that could be referring to later dlc. Could this map finally get a cool easter egg to solve? Who knows, I guess we will have to wait and see. Either way changed or unchanged with amazing new graphics and possible gobblegums, a fourth map offers so much new content.

How to Play the New ‘Five’ Map

People might wonder how this map will be unlocked. Five was a bit secret to some of the people when the original Call of Duty Black Ops was released. Like Nacht Der Untoten in Call of Duty World at War you had to complete the campaign mode in order to get the map; or there was another little secret way to get it accessing a terminal from the main menu. With no campaign mode, this could very well be just a map included with the pass with no way of secretly getting access to it as zombies is now friendly to newer people with tutorial modes and bots to play within solo.


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