What must happen for Call of Duty 2018 to be successful

Call of Duty 2018 - What must happen with CoD 2018

The time of year is approaching where the Call of Duty 2018 title leaks start appearing. If the leaks are to be believed so far we have a lot to look forward to. The first round of leaks were from the video game journalist Marcus Sellars.

Unconfirmed Leaks so far

  • CoD 2018 is Black Ops 4
  • Boots on the ground
  • Set in modern times (not futuristic)
  • Coming to PS4, Xbox, PC & Switch

Why Boots on the ground is so important

The Call of Duty community is strongly against Exo Suits and Boost Jumps. On our latest Twitter poll 86% on voters want a boots on the ground game. This is the authentic Call of Duty gameplay most of us love and remember. Advanced Warfare didn’t perform well for Activision and Infinite Warfare was saved slightly by MW Remastered being bundled in the Legacy Edition. As for Black Ops 3, Treyarch has shown what an excellent studio they are and they made it so well that most players enjoyed the gameplay.

Exo suits and boost jumps will not sell well. I personally think even wall running is risky to include. The community has been loud and clear and it’s just a shame Sledgehammer didn’t nail a perfect opportunity with WW2.

Why Call of Duty WW2 wasn’t successful

Activision made the right choice in choosing a WW2 era with boots firmly on the ground. However, if we’re being brutally honest it just wasn’t made to the level of CoD’s we remember. At times it feels like an unfinished broken game, which to this day the gameplay is still unbalanced and still has bugs. Too much time has been spent on gimmicks and the gameplay feels tinny and repetitive. Another fundamental problem is the maps just don’t feel as good as they did in previous titles, they feel overly repetitive, chaotic due to the design and lack character.

What Treyarch needs to do for Call of Duty 2018

Treyarch has the chance to turn the franchise around. With Fortnite & PUBG taking a lot of the CoD player base, it has never been more important. Here’s a list of points Treyarch should stick to for a successful 2018:

  • Traditional boots on the ground gameplay
  • Don’t go too futuristic, keep weapons and streaks relatable to real life
  • Concentrate on smooth, fair, competitive gameplay
  • Keep a good flow with the 3 lane designed maps and avoid the constant chaotic choke points in WW2
  • Finish the gimmicks (ie. missions, supply drops), only once the gameplay is perfected.
  • Listen to feedback, this is the chance to try something innovative and new like Battle Royale in a separate game mode. The last innovation in Zombies will have been a decade ago once CoD 2018 is released.
  • Don’t skimp on the amount of maps available on the release date.
  • Improve the servers

If you have anything you’d like to see in CoD 2018 that we’ve missed, go ahead and comment below.


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