RUMOR: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer To Include Grappling Hooks, Wall Running & More

Black Ops 4 Rumor

The Call of Duty rumour mill is at it again with new leaks suggesting that, among other changes, the Advanced Movement system will be back in a big way.

Last night the YouTuber Glitching Queen released a short video detailing leaked information that she exclusively received from an inside source that has a track record of being correct. This leaker gave her an in-depth summary of a recent Black Ops 4 playtest, providing detail not yet observed in other Black Ops 4 leaks.

“Hey, it’s me again. Got some MP info during alpha testing. I know you rather have Z info but sorry did not play test for Z,” The leaker said, referencing the fact Glitching Queen is primarily a Zombies YouTuber. “The game has specialists, and killstreaks are tied to each individual specialist. There was also medkits. Specialists had instakill abilities similar to BO3. Advanced Movement is an option you equip while creating your Loadout.

There was a new game mode where each team gets the same amount of “lives”, each death takes away from the pool. Like a reverse Team Death Match, where the first team to reach 0 loses.

This was a dev build, and there were placeholders, or possibly we will see the characters again. But a few BO3 specialists were playable, along with their abilities.

Guns were modern and similar to what we’ve used. It feels like they pulled all the liked elements from previous CODs and threw them all in. Put it this way, we’ll receive the new specialist system the same we received the division system.

Also, attachments work on a tiered system. Example, grip tier 1 reduces idle sway, move faster while aiming. Tier 2, move faster while crouched or prone. 

Also, every character had a default tac slot and lethal filled with a medkit and the lethal with a sat com type equipment that only worked in the general vicinity. The sat com regens in your inventory. 

I left one detail out, and the reason is because their staff was very clear about blacklisting people. We played on PC with PS4 controllers attached to them. There were several builds of the game, we played only one build. 

I’m afraid that any specific names could have only been used for a particular group of playtesters. Our group was there for 4 hours, and there were several rooms being used. When we showed up we thought we were there to test the BR mode. 

As for weapons, I don’t remember the exact names for them. They were similar to what we’ve seen, but the last numbers or letters would be different. For example, the ICR-1 was instead the ICR-M2. MP5, M4A1, KN-44.

There were some guns that resembled guns from other CODs as well. Also, some guns felt like the Vesper, Weevil, Chicom and Sheiva. But they look a bit more futuristic. For the secondary slot, you could either equip a handgun, launcher or shotgun. 

I didn’t check all the names. I will say though there were no energy weapons. However, there was a specialist which can grapple just like in AW. The movement is fluid and smooth. Climbing over obstacles and windows was seamless. 

It’s like one minute you feel like you’re playing BO2, then all of a sudden you see a guy boost jump or wall run and it’s oh crap BO3, then you see another grapple right past and you’re like AW. I guess this is why people are trying to compare it to Overwatch or Lawbreakers. 

They’re designing the game to be more social, where you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t gear up properly. The maps were modern. We only played 2, one was a demolished city like with a church and tanks inside and outside the church. 

The other map was similar to Gauntlet from BO3 where there were 3 different sections. There is a beach, ruins and a bridge. The bridge had 2 vantage points on either side. 

The specialists get locked after 2 players choose the same one, and there were 8 total. A whole team couldn’t use the same specialist. Similar to Rainbow 6 and Overwatch. Everyone must play a role. Also, there was sliding and not Dolphin Diving.”

It looks as if this year’s Call of Duty title is gearing up to be more different than any other released in recent history, with core multiplayer elements barely resembling what fans are used to. If this information is to be believed, attachments will have a bigger impact on gameplay than ever before, almost taking the role of that perks would occupy in a standard Call of Duty game. It is also clear that Advanced Movement, which many fans have expressed their distaste for over the past years,  will be making a return with perhaps even bigger impacts than ever before.

This leaked information paints a very similar picture to that discussed last week by Twitter user Matt Harris, who stated the upcoming Black Ops 4 shared many multiplayer elements with hero shooters such as Overwatch.

Naturally, all rumours should be treated as such until official confirmation is made by Activision or Treyarch, and with the Community Reveal event happening in less than a month fans may not have long to wait for their worries to finally be answered.


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