New Black Ops 4 “Operation Grand Heist” Releases Tomorrow

New Black Ops 4

A new Black Ops 4 operation, named Operation Grand Heist, will be released on PS4 tomorrow.

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The Operation Grand Heist update looks to be one of the biggest that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has ever seen.

Blackout will feature two brand new weapons, a flashy roofless muscle car, a police SUV, a new mounted turret boat, as well as a new police skin for the chopper.

But that’s not all, the desert area of the Blackout map will be receiving some much-needed attention, with two new areas being added to the location. A remake of the popular multiplayer map “Standoff” will be added to the surface of the desert area, while the popular zombies map “Buried” will be making an appearance underground as a spooky western ghost town.

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New Blackout characters and skins will also be added to the game, ranging from the Cosmic Silverback gorilla from the Dead Ops Arcade minigame to the Outrider specialist from Black Ops 3 to a suite of cops and robbers that are new to the series.

It isn’t just Blackout that will be receiving attention though, the standard multiplayer will also get its fair share of content.

The One In The Chamber mode, in which players are only equipped with a revolver that contains one bullet, will be making its much-requested return. A new mode also seems to be on the horizon, named Hot Pursuit, which seems strangely reminiscent of Battlefield Hardline.

Two new multiplayer maps will also be making their way to Black Ops 4 alongside the Operation Grand Heist update.

There is Casino, which as you might expect looks to take place in a lavish Las Vegas casino, and Lockup, which looks to be set around a police station in the middle of a city.

With all of this extra content will come a brand new supply stream, which is where you will be able to unlock a fair deal of the new camos, weapons and skins that are to be released.

The Operation Grand Heist update is set to release on the 19th of February for PS4, with Xbox One and PC coming a week later.



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