Nuketown Coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on November 13, First on PS4

Nuketown Coming to Call of Duty- Black Ops 4 on November 13, First on PS4

Treyarch and Call of Duty have just officially revealed that Nuketown will be coming to Black Ops 4 on November 13th, first on PS4. The all-time classic will be the 15th multiplayer map within the latest addition of the Call of Duty franchise, Black Ops 4.

Nuketown Coming to Black Ops 4 on November 13

Prior to the game’s release, Treyarch revealed a teaser for the map, in which appeared to be captioned with Russian text. Since then, it has become common knowledge that the map will be re-created in Russia, hence the reason for the caption in the latest teaser, with a snow theme.

Previously confirmed by Activision, all new content that makes its way into the game after launch will arrive seven days earlier on the PlayStation 4. The same will apply with this particular addition of the game. Players on Xbox One and PC will be able to get their hands on the map on November 20th.

A common occurrence within other Activision titles is the ability to purchase in-game content. Whilst cases of this still usually appear, Nuketown will be an exception. All players will be able to try out the new map for FREE!

With Activision Blizzard generating an astonishing $4 billion from in-game content sales this year, it’s likely they won’t be going away anytime soon. In addition, the Activision CEO has said that they have a lot of great content scheduled for 2019 and beyond in Call of Duty, so whether or not free maps will be a future trend is currently unknown.

Nuketown Coming to Call of Duty- Black Ops 4 on November 13, First on PS4

The official announcement was made in the following tweet:

Black Ops Pass owners will be able to experience another 12 more multiplayer maps, alongside a bunch of other exclusive features regarding Blackout and Zombies mode. Those will most likely be scheduled to release after the launch of Nuketown.


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