Next Black Ops 4 Specialist Character Leaked – RUMOR

Black Ops 4 Spectre Specialist

It appears as though the next Call of Duty Black Ops 4 specialist character has been leaked in-game by Treyarch, following a new Reddit post.

Black Ops 4 Specialist Spectre Rumored

Reddit user Xarson1270 claims to have their hands on what appears to be the first in-game image of smoke grenades, which supposedly details the upcoming Black Ops 4 specialist character Spectre. Both of these features are absent in the current version of the game.

According to the user, they noticed the following aspect when “checking through the classes for barebones.”

They went onto mention, “I clicked on the slot I had for the Acoustic Sensor to change it, and when I opened up the menu, it gave me this screen.”

Next Black Ops 4 Specialist Character Leaked - RUMOR

If this post is anything to go by, it seems as if Treyarch have accidentally unveiled the Spectre via a bug in the title’s Create-A-Class system. The description of the Smoke Grenades mentions “enemies inside are visible to Spectre,” which appears to be the first reference to Black Ops 4’s next Specialist since Zero was released back in December 2018.

While Zero made their way into the game roughly four months ago, alleged details of the next Black Ops 4 specialist beginning to surface don’t come as a surprise.

As of the time writing this, Treyarch is yet to comment on the matter. That said, we must remain skeptical of the legitimacy of this post. Although everything seems to hint at the next Black Ops 4 specialist character being Spectre, players shouldn’t get their hopes up.

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Spectre in Black Ops 3

There is currently no indication regarding the abilities of Spectre, nor has there been any word on their specialist weapon.

Spectre in Black Ops 3
Spectre in Black Ops 3

All we know for now is that players using the character will be granted with the ability to spot enemies even through Smoke, as per the apparently leaked description of Smoke Grenades.

While the character made an appearance in Black Ops 3, we can speculate on Spectre’s specifics. If Treyarch follows suit from BO3, Spectre will most likely feature a weapon similar to the Ripper, a twin blade which instantly obliterated anyone standing in its way. In addition, players will also potentially be granted with the ability to become invisible for a short period of time.

Although it does appear as though Spectre will be the next major addition to Black Ops 4, we stress that there has been no official confirmation as of yet.

We advise fans to remain skeptical, yet don’t be surprised if the character does arrive in the game at some point in the future. Be sure to keep an eye out for additional details regarding this Black Ops 4 specialist, they’ll be posted here first as always.


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