Black Ops 4 IX Zombies Trailer & Avenged Sevenfold Song Leaked At GameStop Managers Event

New IX Trailer & Avenged Sevenfold Song Leaked At GameStop Managers Event

Fans of Treyarch’s zombie mode can rejoice because at long last a brand new IX Zombies trailer and Avenged Sevenfold song have been leaked at a GameStop managers event.

The upcoming trailer was posted to the video hosting site streamable, which allows people to post videos online completely anonymously, before being reposted to Reddit by user BradTL.

While not the best quality this trailer gives us the best look at the new Chaos story map that we’ve had so far, stretching from the sunny and brutal coliseum to the catacombs below.

The first interesting thing to note is that we see one of our main characters drink some liquid out of what looks to be a ceremonial gourd after being hit by a zombie. We know that automatic healing is not present in Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Blackout or Multiplayer modes, and considering there are no perk machines nearby, could this be the first look at manual healing in Zombies?

We also get a look at the Demon Tiger enemies, which take the place of Treyarch’s classic Hell Hounds in this iteration of the mode. They look to be deadly opponents, clearing the space of the arena in mere moments and then pouncing onto their prey, bringing the character to the ground.

In the very next scene we get our first look at a trap on the new map, and in classic Treyarch fashion, it is a brutal and gory affair. A giant spiked roller appears in the ceiling, turning anything below into red mush.

We then get a look at one of the two zombie bosses in the map. Taking itself straight from ancient Greek mythology it seems that we will be fighting a dual axe wielding minotaur in the catacombs of IX, though the footage is far too blurry to make out if it has the classic bulls head we have come to expect from that mythical creature.

The second boss zombie is close behind, found even deeper in the catacombs of the map. It stalks out from what looks like a tunnel, dripping fluorescent spittle from its distended jaws as it screams bloody murder at the heroes of the map.

The trailer even gives fans their first look at the Pack-A-Punch machine, which seems to have ditched all machinery and become some portal into a mystical dimension that really likes giving guns a bit more kick.

But by far the most interesting part of this trailer comes right at the end when Treyarch introduce what we can only assume is the monkey bomb of this map… a very angry tiny man which you stab to get going. He also has a little sword.

Both the trailer and the Avenged Sevenfold song don’t disappoint, and now that the trailer is out in the open like this it is likely only a matter of time before we get to see it in HD through Treyarch’s own channels.


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