New Black Ops 3 Microtransactions Allows Players To Buy Skins Directly

New Black Ops 3 Microtransactions Allows Players To Buy Skins Directly

A new form of Microtransaction has appeared in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 which allows players to purchase character skins directly.

The Loot Box system in Call of Duty Black Ops 3 has long been complained about by fans of the game. Unlike newer editions of the franchise the older Treyarch title featured no way for players to directly unlock the items they wanted, instead everything was left to the gods of chance in what many considered to be an exploitative loot box system, bogged down with plenty of low value cosmetics to hide away the more important usable guns.

This looks set to drastically change, however, with a new update to the game. This update added, alongside a new slew of character skins, two new different ways for players to unlock the content of their choice.

In Black Ops 3 players are now able to buy a 300 Cod Points contract that is tied to a skin. After purchase the contract becomes active and players will have to win 15 games in order to unlock the skin of their choice. Alternatively, players could shell out an extra 300 Cod Points, 600 Cod Points total, to purchase the skin outright. As of this moment, there is no way to purchase these skins or contracts with Black Ops 3’s freely earnable cryptokey currency.

With backlash being levied against Treyarch and Activision’s choices for Black Ops 4’s Black Ops Pass this seems to be a step in the right direction for microtransactions, removing the random element and allowing players to get the loot that they most desire.

However, weapons are still tied behind random loot boxes and the current M14 Assault Rifle Limited Time Weapon cannot be purchased outright, meaning players still only have 14 days to randomly get it from a rare supply drop.

As of yet, it is uncertain whether this outfit purchasing system, which is highly reminiscent of Fortnite Battle Royale’s own cosmetic shop, will be making its way to Black Ops 4.


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