Microsoft Confirms Enhanced Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on the Xbox One X – 4K & HDR

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Xbox One X Enhanced

Every year that goes by, the gaming industry becomes more and more advanced. From movement systems, playable sandbox areas and photo-realistic graphics, we see an exponential growth with every year that passes. A certain pressure is therefore placed on the developers and publishers shoulders to go above and beyond a previous release. Of course, the capabilities of a game is limited to the performance output of the desired platform. When we are dealing with an annual release franchise as many of the EA sporting titles and FPS titles, we as a fan base expect new and improved changes. That is why a recent report from Microsoft confirms that Call of Duty will be enhanced for the newest generation of console has created mass excitement. This reveal means that we will see a high fidelity, fully optimised version of Black Ops 4 on the Xbox One X.

Black Ops 4 on the xbox one x

What this means for Black Ops 4 on the Xbox One X

In order for a game to be enhanced, multiple features are optimised. As we all know, the Xbox One X is Microsoft’s first console that fully supports 4k and HDR (High Dynamic Range) gaming. Boasting to have 40% more power than any other console on the market, the Black Ops 4 on Xbox One X will truly set the standard for high-quality gaming.

Also supporting a hefty 12gb GDDR5 of memory enables smooth and seamless transitions across any gaming world. This will of course help to render and optimise multiplayer maps but is also an incredible bonus for the new Blackout mode. With player size suggested to be between 64 – 100 per game, high processing speed, larger bandwidth and greater resolution are a must. Albeit the game will be designed with all supporting consoles in mind, Black Ops 4 on the Xbox One X will be a mesmerising experience for all players.

As most gamers feel, higher quality and smoother gameplay only serve to further heighten the immersive experience. With a game as raw and graphic, as Black Ops 4, being able to fully see every shade of blood, feel every weapon recoil and visualise the fear on players faces, proposes what will surely be one of the greatest gaming experiences of 2018.

When the closed/open Beta phases come around, we can all jump in and enjoy this latest Call of Duty experience in all its glory, ready for its full release on October 12th, 2018.


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