Leaked Survey Suggests Activision Plans To Lock Call of Duty Perks Behind Supply Drops

Call of Duty

A confidential survey from Activision regarding the future of the Call of Duty franchise has made its way online and seems to suggest drastic changes for the call of duty franchise.

The leaked survey, posted by Twitter user Matt Harris, was recently sent out to Call of Duty players in the United States of America to help improve and shape the future for Call of Duty.

The questions revolved around the effects of Common Supply Drops in future Call of Duty titles, asking those who were answering the survey what they would and would not be interested in having included in the notorious Call of Duty loot box system.

The survey ranges from items that would purely affect the aesthetics of the game, from player card emblems to voiceover lines and calling cards, to more impactful items such as double weapon XP to new weapons with unique gameplay and perks that do not exist in the normal Create-A-Class system.

While new weapons and double XP drops have been seen in Call of Duty supply drops in the past this is the first time Activision has shown interest in locking other Create-A-Class staples behind the unlock system, with Perks usually being readily available to Call of Duty players as they level up by playing the game.

This is not the first time Activision has sent out surveys like this and seems to be a regular way for the company to touch base with its consumer base. Although this was listed as an optional answer, we can’t imagine many participants would have voted for it. It is far from guaranteed to be included in the final game, but it’s at least been on their radar.

The full leaked survey can be found at the following link: https://imgur.com/a/9GD1fiu


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