In-Game Footage Shows off Sprays & Dances in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

Black Ops 4 - Sprays and Dances

It appears some players have managed to get their hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer early, instead of waiting until October 12th – when the game launches worldwide. A video posted on reddit via u/Passi49 appears to show off new features that haven’t been available in past Call of Duty titles – a spray system and dances / gestures.

Black Ops 4 In-Game Footage – Sprays & Dances

As suggested by this video, players will have the ability to express their emotions in Black Ops 4 in even more detail with a spray system and new dances.

As you can see here, players will have the option to activate their sprays and gestures by bringing up the wheel. When activating a dance / gesture it seems that you will go into third person mode to view it. It is currently unknown whether these will be unlockable through certain achievements and challenges in-game or if they will be open for anyone to use.

Other Details

The game is scheduled to launch on October 12th at 12am local time. Pre-loading is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One – if you’re looking to get hands on as soon as it releases we’d certainly recommend that you spend a few minutes to start the instillation process.

A number of retailers will allow customers who’ve pre-ordered to collect the game on October 11th, in which allows everyone to pre-load at the same time – whether you’ve bought digitally or not. Here are some of the many retailers participating in this:

  • Amazon Europe will be sending out their copies on Thursday.
  • GameStop will be opening earlier to hand out copies.
  • EB Games will be opening their stores at 6am local time.

In other news, PlayStation has announced that they’ll be hosting a ‘Countdown to Launch’ livestream with Treyarch on Oct. 11 at 10AM PT. Stay tuned for additional information.


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