How to Unlock Seraph in Black Ops 4 (Blackout Annihilator Location)

How to Unlock Seraph in Black Ops 4 (Blackout Annihilator Location)

Seraph’s Annihilator weapon is arguably one of the most powerful weapons in Call of Duty Blackout, and surprisingly, many players appear to be unaware of its importance. Besides from being used to acquire the Black Ops 4 Multiplayer character Seraph, the weapon’s catastrophic power can also be used to players’ advantage in-game. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a guide on how to unlock Seraph in Black Ops 4 Blackout. In addition, we’ve also detailed the Blackout Annihilator location.

Blackout Annihilator Location

Acquiring the Annihilator weapon in Call of Duty Blackout isn’t as easy as you think, there are many requirements that you will need to complete beforehand.

Whilst there is the chance that you’ll bump into someone with the Annihilator weapon, relying on that wouldn’t be optimal for unlocking Seraph anytime soon.

Here’s how to get the Annihilator weapon in Call of Duty Blackout:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to head into the Firing Range location.
  • After that, it would be most advantageous to check that the weapon can actually be acquired before proceeding into the later requirements. You’ll want to check the right table near the targets for a box. If a box is there, the Annihilator will be featured inside after completing the following requirements. The box can be found in the particular area highlighted in red below:

Blackout Annihilator LocationBlackout Annihilator Location - Box

  • Next, you’ll need to obtain a Pistol. With the chances of finding a Pistol not always guaranteed, we’d advise dropping into Firing Range straight away. Therefore, players won’t have rummaged through the loot.
  • After a Pistol has been equipped, you’ll need to shoot the six targets that are located in Firing Range.
  • Once all the targets have been shot, the box which allows players to receive the Annihilator weapon should now be open.

How to Unlock Seraph in Black Ops 4 Blackout

After the Annihilator has been equipped, the process for how to unlock Seraph in Black Ops 4 Blackout is relatively easy compared to other character missions.

  1. Kill an enemy with the Annihilator.
  2. Place Top 5 for Duos, Top 15 for Solo.
  3. Finish the game with the weapon in your inventory.

Once these challenges have been completed, players will be able to use the Seraph character via obtaining it in the customization menu.

Whilst the power of this weapon makes this challenge significantly easier, there are some things users will need to take note of. Firstly, the Blackout Annihilator weapon only contains 6 bullets. Players will need to ensure that they are cautious of how often and where they decide to shoot. Furthermore, due to certain mechanics of this weapon, users could potentially encounter problems in the final stages of each game. A weapon typically used for close-quarter combat would be more applicable near end-game.


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