How to Level Up Fast in Black Ops 4

How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Many players of Call of Duty‘s latest edition will be wanting to know how to level up fast in Black Ops 4. Whether you’re levelling up for yourself, you’re trying to win a bet or you just want to know how to unlock new things – here’s how to level up by gaining Black Ops 4 XP.

How To Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Black Ops 4

There are plenty of ways of levelling up in the game. Obviously, the first thing you need to do is play. Once you’ve got that part out of the way you can consult this handy list to find out other ways to level up fast:

Quick Ways to Gain Black Ops 4 XP:

  • Complete Challenges
  • Prestige Your Weapons
  • Use UAV & CounterUAV
  • Switch Out Scorestreaks
  • Play Objective Gamemodes
  • Use Smaller Maps

A lot of these seem like simple things you would do throughout the game anyway. However, you need to be logical about how you play. For example, if you go onto the ‘Barracks’ settings you can find a little tab called ‘Challenges’. There’s a handy little section at the bottom of the Challenges page which shows you those that are ‘Nearest to Completion’. Many of the challenges will give you around 2,500 – 3,000 XP. But if you’re close to completing a big challenge you could get upwards of 25,000 (which is almost the same as one game!).

Prestiging your weapons also sounds a bit like a nuisance. However, if you’re constantly unlocking new attachments for the weapons, you’re constantly gaining XP. All those MAX level weapons you’ve got are actually goldmines for XP. Prestige them and watch your levels increase.

Playing objective game modes such as Control, Domination and Hardpoint will give you masses of XPs if you play for the objective. Better yet to play these game modes on a smaller map. That way you can get in on the action a whole lot quicker and see those points stack up. The more points, the more XP.

Using UAV and CounterUAV as two of your scorestreaks will give you a lot of Black Ops 4 XP. They’re easy to gain and once they’re called in you gain points based on other players on your team killing opponents. It really is that easy to get XP! If you have your third scorestreak as something you rarely or never use – then you will be able to complete challenges by using them.

Don’t forget to switch up the Specialist you use as, again, you complete challenges (and gain XP!) every time you use them.


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