Call of Duty Blackout Beta Will Use Same File as Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta Game File - Blackout

With the immense success surrounding all “Battle Royale” game modes as of late, the whole Call of Duty fanbase is eagerly awaiting the release of Black Ops 4’s new mode Blackout. With the multiplayer beta having just finished its first release, for those on PS4, many have got a taste for this new game. Although feedback has been mixed, the enthusiasm to try out the newest game mode is palpable. However, there will be a few weeks wait for the official Call of Duty Blackout Beta to start, which is due sometime in September. Although this wait will prove as a cruel patience test, there is another Multiplayer Beta kicking off on the 10th August for all platforms.

Blackout beta

But once you have satisfied your needs throughout these Closed and Open Betas, do not be hasty to remove the download file from your system. Earlier this month Activision, on their site’s blog, stated that

We’ll have a separate Blackout Beta planned in September, and be sure to keep your Multiplayer Beta download on your system because that will later change into the Blackout Beta. In the meantime, good luck and have fun in the Multiplayer Beta!

This effectively means that upon release of the Blackout mode Beta next month (September 2018) those who already have the Multiplayer Beta installed will have instant access. This, I assume, is achieved through a back-end or client-side change which will reconfigure the content that can be accessed through the downloaded Beta file itself.

What is Blackout?

As teased earlier during the Black Ops 4 reveal event, this brand new game mode will feature a large combination of previously experienced maps. The result is the largest playable map every created by a Call of Duty franchise.

This will see players thrust into a chaotic and frenzied Battle Royale environment. One objective remains. Be the last man standing!

Blackout will also feature wide a range of fan-favorite weapons, accessible vehicles and even some characters you may recognize. Boasted as a twist on the popular Battle Royale style, but done the Black Ops way.

Although the more intricate details are not yet known, it is rumored that matches will feature up to 60 players, thus allowing a large battle experience whilst also promoting more intimate individual fights to take place.


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